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Do You Remember The Days of Great Bargain Shopping?

Updated on June 16, 2012

Do You Remember the Old J. Crew?

The places that are currently considered bargains are no longer what they used to be. Okay, first I'd like to state that I remember the days when fashion had great bargains. Back in my college days, mind you, I used to shop at Land's End and J. Crew , they were known for their bargains. Those two catalogs had wonderful and I mean wonderful bargains for basic clean preppy items. Now they both have very overpriced items that only the rich, like Oprah Winfrey, can afford. I used to love the clothing basics that you could pick and choose from in many different colors. Now they both cater to the rich with "select" expensive pieces in the hundreds. For years now, they remind me much more of "Banana Republic" then the old tried and true classic bargain store. They pretty much priced out a lot of everyday bargain shoppers. I guess I'm old enough to say "Those were the days.", just like Edith Bunker.

Why Have T.J. Maxx and Marshalls Changed?

I used to love shopping at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls but I have noticed since 2009, that their prices have skyrocketed. I don't understand why because they are supposed to be "bargain" stores. The tops are on average $16.99, which may not seem like a lot but some people, the quality and shape would tell you it's worth around $10. Their dresses can easily run you $30 plus on up too. They used to have shirts averaging no more than $10 and dresses around $20 back in the day. Now, it's rare to see an item that low in either of these stores. The one place that still rocks is Ross. They have great prices on all of their items and many tops for around $10, which I would definately consider a bargain and the selection is good. And at Ross, they have lots of cool dresses for around $16 and many under $20, which is just heaven for a bargain shopper!

How in the World is Rack Room Shoe Store a Bargain?!

I went to Rack Room Shoes to find a cheap pair of sandals today. I was under the impression that they were a bargain shoe store. Their idea of cheap is around $42 dollars and then they had some ugly clearance items in the back for around $24. When you walk into the store, the average price was $74. How in the world is $74 a bargain for everyday people? I can see if you're making good money but a lot of people where I live in Florida barely make above minimum wage. Maybe I'm just getting old but I don't think $74 is a bargain. Do you? Anything priced right around $20, now that's a bargain! By the end of the day, I found a wonderful pair of sandals at Ross for $12.99, and yes that's a dream come true for any girl who loves to shop.

Shop at Ross For a Real Bargain!

If money is tight and your time is valuable, Ross can't be beat. It's the closest thing to bargain heaven out there. Their prices are very reasonable and they have many nice selections. I'm rarely dissapointed at Ross. Sometimes they get wiped out because they are that good, especially around Christmas, but it's clear that they aim to please. When they say bargain, they mean bargain, unlike those other stores. If I could change one thing about bargain shopping, it would be to bring back the old days when J. Crew and Lands End had great basic catalogs and were known for great everyday prices. Now they are known more for their hyped up names sadly. Currently, J. Crew sells Pom-Pom Shells for $128. Talk about over the top! Or maybe, just maybe, I'm just getting too old and people nowadays don't think $128 is much at all for a top.


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