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Why Green Valley, Arizona Is One Of the Best Places to Retire and Visit In the USA

Updated on December 7, 2012

Astronomy Capital Of the World: Green Valley


Retirement and Travel Opportunities

Green Valley is a family-oriented and retirement community located on Arizona's Interstate 19 (I-19). The highway is called an Intrastate Highway, because it lies completely inside of Arizona. This one is part of the CANAMEX Corridor, a trade route that connects Canada, the USA, and Mexico. It is convenient for travel to a number of sightseeing locations as well as excelllent for trade.

On the southern end, highway I-19 begins at Nogales AZ, just 1,500 feet from the Mexican border. There is another Nogales in Mexico, on the other side of the border; and, I-19 changes to Mexican Federal highway 15 on the other side of the border. It continues all the way to Mexico City.

I-19 Is Just 63 Miles In Length

show route and directions
A markerNogales AZ -
Nogales, AZ, USA
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B markerGreen Valley, Arizona -
Green Valley, AZ, USA
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C markerTuscon A -
Tucson, AZ, USA
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I-19 runs up to Tucson, all the way to I-10. and is just 63 miles long. I-10 is much longer, running east and west from Florida to California. Green Valley sits about halfway between Nagoles and Tuscon, making triops either way on I-19 fast. Along I-10 in either direction, visitors can find airports, Davis Monthan United States Air Force Base , and many large parks.

Through the center of Green Valley, which is an unincoporated community, are planned housing communities, a country club, 8 golf courses, and recreational lakes.

The community is within the original San Ignacio de la Canoa Land Grant from the King of Spain. This part of Arizona offers the history of Native Americans, conquistadors, missionaries, cowboys, miners, ranchers, and criminals like the Baron of Arizona. The place has been under four different flags: Spanish, Mexican, Confederate, and American.

Selected Attractions - Astronomy Capital Of the World

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A markerTitan II Missile Museum, Sahuarita AZ -
Sahuarita, AZ, USA
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Underground bunker, museum, and above ground missle sites.

B markerKitt Peak Observatory -
Kitt Peak National Observatory, 950 N Cherry Ave, Tucson, AZ 85634, USA
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World's largest collection of telescopes.

C markerMadera Canyon -
Madera Canyon, AZ 85614, USA
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This is a birdwatcher's paradise.

D markerMount Hopkins Observatory -
Whipple Observatory Visitor Center, Coronado National Forest, 670 Mt Hopkins Rd, Amado, AZ 85645, US
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E markerTubac AZ -
Tubac, AZ, USA
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Historic sites, shops, and arts colony.

Selected Attractions

  • Green Valley Recreation is a nonprofit that runs a dozen recreation centers that offer woodworking shops, computer labs, tennis courts, racquetball, art galleries, catering kitchens, and well equipped fitness centers, along with 12 heated swimming pools. Besides all the recreation and exercise activites avaiable, this area of Arizona is filled with historic locations and outdoor activites in forests, parks, and wildlife refuges:

US-Mexico Pedestrian and Vehicle Border Crossing

The copyright holder of this work allows anyone to use it for any purpose including unrestricted redistribution, commercial use, and modification.
The copyright holder of this work allows anyone to use it for any purpose including unrestricted redistribution, commercial use, and modification. | Source

This mural is located on the Nogales, Sonora side of the US-Mexico border. It portrays the harsh realities of illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States of America.

In the 1940, Hollywood cowboys went to Nogales, Sonora often to film their movies and explore the town. For years, the two Nogaleses shared a parade and springtime celebration, but the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Towers in NYC changed that tourism declined. In 2011, a stockade-like wall was constructed on the US-Mexican Border here, but visitors from both sides can talk to border officials and walk through turnstiles to easily visit the other side. Visitors over 60 years old are said to be able to pass to the head of any line wating to enter. Automobiles require special insurance valid in Mexico, so many US visitors park at one of the lots on the American side ($4 to $6 a day is usual) and walk the few feet into Nogales, Mexico.

Medical and dental fees are cheaper in Mexico than in the US, so many people travel to Nogales, Sonora in order to have their teeth cleaned and repaired in this city of expanding dental clinics and health spas. While there, visitors shop for Mexican goods in numerous small shops and sometimes purchase Mexican Coca-Cola, which is made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. they also enjoy landmark restaurants like family-owned La Roca, built into the side of a cliff. As they walk along the streets, they enjoy the murals.

Mariposa and Nogales Border Crossings

A markerService Port at Mariposa-Nogales, Border Crossing -
9 N Grand Ave, Nogales, AZ 85621, USA
get directions

Mailing address is west of Grand Ave. at 200 N. Mariposa Rd Nogales, AZ 85621, the commerical entrance to Mariposa, Sonora, Mexico.

On the left is Nogales AZ and on the right is Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.
On the left is Nogales AZ and on the right is Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. | Source

Active Senior Living

Zillow and Trulia list over 1,000 single-family and similar dwellings for sale in the Green Valley Area, largely clustered around I-19.

  • Price Range: $34,000 to $899,999
  • Median Price: $159,000

Many of the homes are located in communities overseen by one of 70 or more Homeowners Associations that restrict residents to ages 55+ and family members that are over 18.

Independent and Assisted Living Centers:

  1. La Posada at Park Centre - Prices start at $2,100/month. This site has numerous activities and amenitie aviable to residents. They need never leave, but transportation is provided to shopping as well.
  2. Silver Springs Retirement - 500 W. Camino Encanto, Green Valley, AZ 85614. Many amenities are provided, including transportation. Located near a golf course and the mountains.

Local Hospitals

Green Valley Hospital was proposed in November 2012, with the land already purchased. Until that campus with six buildings is completed, the nearest hospital is 25 miles to the north in Tuscon:

Tuscon Medical Center, 5301 East Grant Road, Tucson AZ.

Medical tourism is growing quickly in Nogales, Sonora, on the Mexican ide of the border about 30 miles south of Green Valley. Dental clinics are expanding, with cheaper prices than most US dentists, and health spas and other clinics are opening near the dental clinics in their own type of medical district. Reporter who have visited this area and reported back have found the dental services high quality and the people friendly.

Many Nogales, Sonora pharmacies sell medicines that are not sold over the counter in America, at cheaper prices than in the US, but US citizens should have a prescription with them anyway, so that they can bring any medications purchased back to the US safely.

Local Shopping Mall

Major Employers In Green Valley

Nealty 50% of the families in Green Valley have children under the age of 18, suggesting that these are working families. The major employers of the city are lited below, and some retirees do continue to work or secure part-time jobs once retired to Green Valley.

  • SAVA Solutions - Security solutions, largely used by government.
  • Pima County Government Center
  • Pima County Library
  • US Postal Service
  • Continental School District
  • Sahuarita Unified School District
  • Tohono O’odham Nation - Resort hotel and gaming.
  • Whipple Observatory - Affiliated with The Smithsonian Institution
  • Farmers Investment Co. - Pecan growers
  • La Posada at Park Centre - Retirement center
  • Caterpillar, Inc. - Training Center
  • Safeway - Supermarkets
  • Carondelet Medical


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    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 5 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      Have a wonderful time in Green Valley when you go, vocalcoach! Get lots of pictures.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 5 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I love to travel and Green Valley Arizona is on my list. Thanks Patty for the detailed tour and interesting information.

      Voted up and awesome, interesting and sharing.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 5 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      I got excited writing about it, KoffeeKlatch Gals! I would love to be able to drive for only half an hour and walk into Mexico for a day.

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 5 years ago from Sunny Florida

      What a beautiful place. Green Valley certainly has a lot to offer. You have made it attractive enough to look into. Pushing those buttons.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 5 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      Hi Faith Reaper - I like the location of this city, so near many places that would be fun to explore.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA


      I can understand why Green Valley is one of the best places to retire and visit. What a lovely place indeed! Thanks for this very informative and useful hub, and taking us along on a trip to Green Valley.

      Voted up+++ and sharing

      In His Love, Faith Reaper