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Life as a poor student.

Updated on March 7, 2015
I cannot be the only person who feels like this
I cannot be the only person who feels like this | Source
The Feels.
The Feels.

Money, Money, Money

You see all the photos of the students online on facebook and various social networks out enjoying getting so drunk with their friends they somehow have to show everyone. Me? I'm sat at home studying like heck so that I can get an education.

You're probably sat thinking that I am jealous and yes, part of me is. I am jealous because instead of being out drinking, I am sat in my house worrying about how I am going to make money because being a student does not always have its perks.

I am doing a health and social care course which has more studying than what I signed up for but then again, I did not know what I was stepping in to just to get my degree in nursing.

I first got a laptop when I was 12 years old. It was a Sony Vaio and I loved the thing, until it broke down. I mostly used it to use MSN (yes it was cool once) to keep in contact with my friends and family.

It wasn't until recently I found out that you could make money online using your mobile or laptop device.

Me, having money problems here, have tried to make money online using websites such as swagbucks and instabucks but have never ever found a way to juggle my studies, lectures and family with making money with those services.

There is one thing that I love to do and that is to take photographs and write.

Ever since I was young I have always wanted to write as a side job just to earn some extra pennies. I would sit and read Jaqueline Wilson and wish that I could write just like her as I imagined her sitting in her luxury as I paid for her books and she got my money.

Money has always been a touchy subject with me as I have friends whose parents will hand them money whenever they want something and I have to save up my spare change just to make some money. There are no jobs where I live so most of the people who surround me in every day life are either working in a job that makes them peanuts or sitting on their bottoms unable to work because there are no jobs here.

I have tried writing on websites such as bubblews and slicethepie. Bubblews is a site which pays you to write and every view, like or comment that you get, you get 1 penny in your account and you have to make 40 big big pennies just to get some money on your account. Slicethepie is a music reviewing website that you can make money on by writing in a review box to the music producer and band what you really think of their music. Sometimes if you are lucky there are some days where you log on and they give you clothes to review and you get ten pence a review. That is on a good day.

I have tried doing surveys but being a student, doing studies, homework and making time for a survey which you may only get 20 pence for really is not worth it at the end of the day.

Some people will think that I am being lazy but then again there will be some students out there that can relate with me as the student life really is not what people make it out to be.

I enjoy gaming, writing, reading, playing guitar and taking photographs. These are some of the things I would like to write about in the future but I am not sure if writing is a good thing to make money off.

The whole Google Adsense thing confuses me and the fact that you mostly have to pay for a domain name thing confuses me even more.

I love to also cook and bake and I have some family and friends in the food sector who will deal with food in every day life.

Makeup and beauty is another thing that interests me as well.

Can someone please save me from drowning in this lonely life of sitting in coppers, pennies and free samples and help me out, please?


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