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Why Is Gambling Bad?

Updated on July 14, 2014

Gambling an addiction.

Gambling is very serious as you know people like to make money the fast way but the fact is that there is no such thing as make money fast.You can't be a millionaire in a day by gambling.The number of times you losing is more than the winning.It could be anything,sports,scratch card and other that is on the streets selling.I am a gambler too.I have lost money too and by experience,I'm writing this.

I always thought that gambling was a way out for me.It's like I'm seeing people win their bets and getting all that cash.But what people didn't tell me was that they lost more than they won.I have lost forty thousand dollars betting on sports and out of the forty thousand I only got back ten thousand so overall I lost money.I nearly went mad thinking about all the money I lost.Fortunately,my brother helped me.

My Home

At that time,I was waiting for my house in Singapore and was short of twenty thousand dollars to pay to the Housing Development Board(HDB) to get my home.I had ask around and nobody was willing to help.I didn't know what to do so I went to the HDB to talk to them but they still told me that I need to get the cash when my house is ready that was just like one month away.I was so desperate for money.

As I was wondering what to do,I met my friend Sam which is not his real name.I told him my problem and he told me,"Why don't you try your luck in gambling."I told him that I only got forty thousand with me and what if I lose,what's going to happen then.He told me,"You won't lose,I will help you." and me thinking that he got people on the inside,told him that,"Ok,I will try."How stupid could I get.I was desperate for money and at that time I thought that was my only choice.

Sam introduce me to one of the bookies we met the next day.The bookie gave me the website to place my bet along with my user name and password.On the same day,I placed my bets on the website.The bookie gave me an account of thirty thousand.

I won the games I played.I was playing small like a thousand for a game and I lost some too.But my lost was not much at that time.So I thought,why not put a bit more so that I could have that twenty thousand for my house.So I started to place my bet at twenty thousand a game.I won that money but got greedy thinking that I could win more than the amount I wanted.

I was wrong,I started to lose till the credit given to me was gone.I didn't know what to do.I thought of committing suicide.I called my friend but he never picked up the phone.The bookie called me the next day and asked me how I was going to settle the money.I asked him whether I could pay every month,he told me that there is no such thing as paying your debts in installments so I paid that thirty thousand to him,crying to myself.Later I found out that Sam and the bookie were trying to swindle my money by talking me in to gambling but I wouldn't blame them.I would only blame myself.

I didn't know who to ask for help.I was on the verge of committing suicide.I had only one choice,my brother, Anand.I called him and told him the problem I was facing.I told him that I just got twenty more days to get my house.He told me that he will get back to me.I was so embarassed.I thought my brother won't call me anymore.I thought that I was going to be a homeless guy.

My brother called me the following day and told me to come and collect the money from him after he finishes his work.Firstly,I was surprised by his call because no one,I mean no one would lend that kind of money to anyone.I met him at his work place and he gave me the fifty thousand that was needed for my house.I was already crying.My brother told me,"Don't cry bro.Everyone makes mistakes.Don't repeat the same mistake again."I thanked him for his kindess and straight away went to HDB to pay the balance money of my home.

And I got my house in time and will never forget the day when I lost my money to gambling.I gave my money back to my brother in installments and I have settled the debt.Don't be stupid like me to get involve in gambling.

Why do people gamble?

People always want to earn money fast and when they need the money urgently and there is no one to help them,they turn to gambling forgetting that it will only get worse if your are unlucky.If you are lucky,you would win but that winnings makes you greedy and you want more.On the long run of gambling,you will definitely lose more than you have won.So be smart,don't gamble.

Don't Gamble

Just know this.When you gamble,it doesn't effect you alone but your family too.You got to pay your house bills,your kids school fees and a lot more.You need to quit gambling if you want peace in your life.If you gambling addiction is getting out of hand,you need to seek help soon or you will be digging your own grave.I am writing this as I have experience it before and I don't want to go through all that again.Take care and God bless.


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