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Why Pay When Its Free For All: Tips to Bolster Your Budget.

Updated on January 19, 2013

A thought for today...

No, not a Brand New Idea...

Just a little reminder from one big spender to another:

Why pay for what comes naturally, and free?

So many of us buy things that are actually free or NO COST, such as bottles of water. It's actually less than a penny from our own faucets. Better yet, research has shown the quality is generally the same! That's right, we can receive good ol’ healthful, inexpensive H2O out of our own taps!

  • We subscribe to gym memberships we don’t use.
  • We pay for ‘elective’ surgery that erases it’s self within months, as those same fine lines and wrinkles just seem to keep reappearing.
  • We go to movies that will soon be out on video for half the price,

It is perfectly OK to spend your own money. You’ve earned it. No condemnation here!

"Getting My Money's Worth"

Just a suggestion though….

Why not challenge yourself today to think of as many $FREE$ things available to you; then consider doing something very noble with the money you’ve saved.

The reason? It’s good for life!


“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” (Abraham Lincoln)


I tell you, use the riches of this world to help others. In that way, you will make friends for yourselves. Then when your riches are gone, you will be welcomed into your eternal home in heaven. "Suppose you can be trusted with very little. Then you can be trusted with a lot. But suppose you are not honest with very little. Then you will not be honest with a lot. "Suppose you have not been worthy of trust in handling worldly wealth. Then who will trust you with true riches? Luke 16:9-11 (New International Reader's Version)


"A penny saved is a penny earned" (Benjamin Franklin)

A Few Suggestions

  1. Wash your own car by hand… Save $10 dollar’s donate it to a charity

  2. Make your coffee at home today. Enjoy a great handmade specialty cup of Joe… add the extra money to the offering basket at church

  3. Reuse your old water bottle, or better yet, that fancy bottle you bought months ago? Pull it out of the cupboard and start carrying your water with you… Put the money you save into the piggy bank for ‘Mad Money’ to take a friend or loved one out to a movie (Cheap $3 movie night that is) or support a local neighborhood restaurant (lets not be too extreme... we still want to support our local businesses).

There are so many other ideas. A million creative ways to do something good for you, your own family, church, society, the global community….


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