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Why Retirement Communities are a Great Option for Seniors

Updated on May 29, 2014

When you are considering where you want to live during your retirement, the choices that are available may be a bit overwhelming. You should start by assessing your own, personal goals and desires. Take time to consider the location, owning versus renting, recreational or social activities that are available and potential medical needs and availability of transportation.

An independent retirement community is often a popular choice for seniors that desire to maintain their sense of independence while having planned social activities and availability of transportation.

What an Independent Retirement Community has to Offer

Each resident of a retirement community will have their own condo, apartment or townhouse. However, there are also a number of community spaces on-site as well, such as the dining room and activity center. These communities also offer assistance for specific medical needs and transportation. The payments associated with these communities are typically designed just like rental payments.

The number of retirement communities are increasing regularly, as are the number of amenities that are offered, as more and more people witness the advantages of this move. The communities are appealing to elderly individuals since they offer freedom from home ownership responsibilities, as well as confidence that any future medical needs can be accommodated.

Advantages Offered by a Retirement Community

The main advantage offered by living in a senior living property is security. Knowing that you will be able to continue enjoying an independent life in a safe environment, which provides peace of mind for many people. Consider some of the following reasons when you are determining whether or not a retirement community may be the right option for you:

  • Independence from home maintenance and repairs.
  • Downsizing provides you the chance to consider which possessions are truly important to you rather than leaving this decision to your adult children down the road.
  • Improved social connections since the other people that live in the community will by your age.
  • Catering and meal planning services, relieving you the duty of having to worry about preparing and cooking meals.
  • Mental stimulation with common areas for movies and other fun events.
  • Recreational activities are available in many communities.
  • Transportation is, in many cases, available for trips to the grocery store and to handle any type of medical needs you may have.

One of the most appealing factors of retirement communities is the fact that residents can choose privacy or to engage in social activities. This allows them to maintain their independent lives, while having the peace of mind that their residence is secure and no maintenance is required for their home.

There are many people that are entering their retirement years that state they never plan to leave their homes. For many this may be the right decision; however, it is important to at least consider the benefits offered by a retirement home, as they can help seniors enjoy a long, happy and fulfilling retirement period.


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