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Why You Should Buy From Iraqi Dinar From A Site Who Accepts Credit Cards Or Paypal

Updated on March 25, 2013

Why Buy From A Dealer Who Accepts Paypal And/Or Credit Cards

It seems most people in the Dinar community prefer to buy from a Dealer who accepts credit cards and/or Paypal. In this Hub we are going to sell you why you should buy your Iraqi Dinar from a dealer who accepts these forms of Payment.

There are a million and one dealers online selling the Iraqi Dinar and new dealers pop up everyday. You want to do your research and make sure your buying from a trusted and reputable dealer, however you can take additional steps to protect yourself by purchasing from a dealer who accepts credit cards or Paypal as forms of payments.

Many dealers only accept echecks, bank wires, western union, and /or cashiers checks for payment of Iraqi Dinars. This is understandable as the fees for accepting these forms of payments are much lower than accepting credit cards or Paypal. It's also easy to see why dealers have these policies because there's no dispute process. Once you pay by cashiers check, wire, western union, or echeck there's really no getting your money back should something go wrong or should you get shorted Dinar. With credit cards and/or Paypal however you have a dispute process where as you can get your money back should the transaction go awry.

Paypal and/or Credit Cards area great way to pay for your Dinar. If you pay by credit card and have an issue later on such as not receiving your package or getting shorted on the amount you ordered you can open a dispute with your credit card company and they will investigate. If they determine you are in the right they will do a chargeback and you will get your money back.

Similarly with Paypal, Payplay has strong policies which protect buyers. If you never receive your Dinar Paypal will ask the Dealer for a tracking number, if they cannot provide one you will get your money back. Similarly if you are shorted Dinar or receive Dinar which was sold as being uncirculated but turns out to be circulated again you have recourse and though not guranteed will likely get your money back.

These are great reasons to buy with a credit card or Paypal. It provides you with additional protection. Some people may think buying from a large big name dealer gurantees a smooth transaction however it does not. On the Dinar forums there have been a number of incidents in which people were shorted Dinar and then given the runaround when they bring it to the dealers attention. Some dealers give the runaround while others insist the right amount was sent even when it wasn't. HERE is a thread about a larger dealer who had some problems shorting a number of customers. A number of customers on Dinar Vets complained and it wasn't until the owner of the site stepped in that this dealer made the situation right. Without that these people would have been out of luck had they paid by another method besides Paypal or Credit Card.

Understand that if you pay by cashiers check, wire, echeck, or other similar forms of payment once that money is out of your hands you have NO recourse and are at the mercy of the dealer to right a situation. When paying by credit card or Paypal however you have either your credit card company or Paypal to have your back and potentially do a reversal and give you your money back.

Hope this thread was both informative and helpful for you.

Iraqi Dinar 25,000 Note
Iraqi Dinar 25,000 Note

How Do You Prefer To Pay For Your Dinar?

How Do You Prefer To Pay For Your Dinar?

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    • jgetsmoneyy profile image

      jgetsmoneyy 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I always pay for my Dinar and Dong via Paypal or a Credit Card. I woudln't be comfortable sending a cashiers check or even doing an echeck. I don't want to give out my account and routing number.

    • getdong profile image

      BuyIQD 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      You bring up some very helpful points to consumers. Though accepting credit cards and Paypal is more expensive to Dinar sellers it makes buyers more comfortable and gives the buyer protections against being scammed. We accept payment in the form of Credit Cards and Paypal for our Iraqi Dinar and Vietnam Dong. Feel free to checkout our site at


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