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Why You'll Never Get Rich and How to Change That

Updated on May 13, 2015

Why do You Want to Get Rich?

Ask yourself this question - if you achieved wealth, what would you then do? If your answer is one of the following or similar, I'm sorry to say that you're never going to get rich:

- Never work again

- Travel the world

- Retire early

- Enjoy life

That's right... if all you want to do is to relax and enjoy yourself, you're unfortunately not going to be able to get rich. Even if you won the lottery - and the chances of that happening are less than that of getting struck by lightning - you would be rich for a bit, but after a couple of years you'd be more broke than you were before winning!


The reason is because those who do get rich are the type of people who enjoy working. That's it. If you don't enjoy working, you'll never be able to put in the time and dedication it takes to get rich. This doesn't mean that you have to enjoy a job you hate, au contraire, you should be doing work that you already enjoy.


How Can Work be Enjoyable?!

It's a huge cliché to say, "Work at a job you enjoy and you'll never work a day in your life."

This is total BS! Even if you have a job that you absolutely love, there will always be trying times. There will be times that you wish you were lying in a coffin, because you are so tired. There will be times when your customers get on your last nerve and you want to strangle somebody. There will be times when you're doing the boring things like administration and your eyes are bleeding from staring at papers all day.

The key here is that you need to build a business for yourself. If you work at the bank for many years and move up to manager... sure, you might have a decent salary and have a respectable job title - but you still work for someone else! You work for a huge corporation with many owners. If you spend many years building up your own business... you've grown your own money tree. You also would get a lot of respect, depending on what you do exactly.

That said, even if you had a business which you did enjoy - there would be a lot of time you had to spend on boring or annoying things. There's always lots of administration to do, accounting, dealing with rotten customers, etc. Therefore, you can enjoy your work most of the time, but there are going to be many instances where it is not enjoyable at all. The key here is to slog through it, knowing that the unenjoyable stuff is what allows you to enjoy what you enjoy and both in combination allow you to reach your ultimate goal.

No work is always enjoyable, but there is work that is enjoyable some of the time.


So, How do I Get Rich and How Long Will it Take?

It'll take at least ten years to get rich. Yes, that's right, ten years.

That's not a long time, however. If you're 21 years old now, hey, wouldn't it be fantastic to be rich when you're 31? If you're 33 now, being rich at 44 ain't a bad thing. If you're 46 and working a 9-5 job, being rich by the time you're 56 isn't a bad deal. And hey, if you're 57 now, getting rich by the time you're 67 ensures that you'll be able to live comfortably in your old age. It's never too late to start and even if you don't benefit that much from your getting rich - think about your family.

Anyway, as Confucius said, "A journey of 10,000 miles starts with one step." In addition, you must take many steps each day, but the key is consistency.

My advice is as follows:

1. Start a business

2. Work on it every day, even if just for 15 minutes

That's it, two simple steps to riches. Of course, you can speed up this process, but it depends on how dedicated you can become.

The hopes are that if you have a day job... you start a business on the side and work on it at least a little every day. Soon, that business balloons into something bigger and you start spending more time on it. Then, it gets big enough for you to work on it full-time and it can even support you financially. You quit your day job and your business becomes your new day job and you spend all your time on it... you grow it and you achieve both riches and the fact that you grew something great.

That's the slow way, of course. If you want to speed it up, you can get a job in a field that you are interested in. Work at your day job and learn all you can, while at the same time running your own little operation in your free time. You spend as much free time as you can on your own operation, while using the lessons you learn at your day job for your benefit. You'll grow your business that much faster and hopefully achieve it all in less than ten years.


What Would a Rich Person Do? WWRPD

The reason why the rich get richer is not because they've got money that makes money and all the stuff middle-class people like to say... the reason is because even when they have achieved a stunning amount of wealth, they are still dedicated to their work and their mission.

So, if you want to get rich and stay that way, dedicate yourself to something.


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      Audrey Howitt 2 years ago from California

      I am lucky enough to work at something that I love, but it wasn't always that way--