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Why are you not a Millionaire?

Updated on January 25, 2017

Do you want to be a millionaire? Are you not a millionaire right now? Do you ask yourself why you are not a millionaire? What do you think prevents you from being a millionaire?

Here are some reasons that may be preventing you from being a millionaire:

1. You are so Misled

At a very young age, you have been made to believe that life means going to school, getting good grades, graduating from a degree course, getting a good job, saving for retirement, then retiring and enjoying what remains of your life. Your parents have followed this route, and your parents’ parents have been on this route, too. Do you know that according to studies, only 5% of those who have gone this way have achieved comfortable life after retirement? This means that 95% have failed to retire with financial comfort.

If you need more proof, check the life of your family and friends. Are they financially secure as they get closer to retirement? If they are, then they may be doing something on their own, and not depending on their jobs.

If there is a way that you can be financially well-off without a job, you would probably want to know it. In this day and age, you can become a millionaire without being stuck to an 8 to 5 job. Millionaires today are getting younger, you can find people in their 20s who are millionaires and in their 30s who are billionaires. Whereas years ago, people manage their business successfully and become financially free as they reach 50 or 60. This means that with today’s advancement of technology, you can make money and can make a fortune no matter how old or how young you are now.

2. You have Limiting Beliefs

You have been told time and again that your limiting beliefs keep you from reaching your true potential. Of course, those financial gurus say that all the time, but breaking away from your belief system is one of the most difficult things to do. When you believe deep down that you are not smart enough to have your own business, that you don’t have the money to start a business, that you are too old to succeed, or that it is too late to start anything, then you are bound to fail because you are crippled by these beliefs and are never going to try anything.

What are you going to achieve if you don’t try to follow your dream? Nothing! You cannot even dream of success because you have embraced failure from where you are. When you are 50 or 60 and you are looking into a bleak future, then perhaps you need an inspiration from someone who never stopped pursuing his dream.

At the age of 60, Colonel Sanders has to close his restaurant business because of a new highway being built where his restaurant is located. He has decided to retire and to live off his social security checks but he did not want to live that way. At 65, he has decided to franchise his chicken. He approached different restaurant owners to sell his chicken. It is believed that Colonel Sanders have been refused 1,009 times before a restaurant owner said, “Yes.” If he thought to himself that he is too old to franchise his chicken, then the world would have missed the “finger lickin’ good” Kentucky Friend Chicken.

3. You are Not Focused on Your Financial Success

Accordingly, there are basically 4 types of people in the world. The first type are those who live without a clue as to what they want from life. Their goal is to enjoy life and follow the crowd. These people seldom study and never want to work.

The second type are those who focus their attention to their studies. These are the people who become engineers, doctors, lawyers, and architects. They depend on their jobs for survival.

The third type are those who spend their time in activities in school and out of school. These are the people who get into politics, or charity movements.

The fourth type are the entrepreneurs. They focus on their financial success. They decide that they want to make more money, that they want to be financially free.

4. You do not Act on your Knowledge

Knowledge alone can not make you rich, applied knowledge can. You can fill your mind with loads of financial education but if you don’t act on them, you can never be a millionaire. What you need is knowledge plus action! Some people love to buy and read books on wealth-getting but they do not make any money at all because they do not put what they learned into action. You have to change your attitude when it comes to achieving your dreams. You have to take action if you desire to be a millionaire.


5. You Want an Over-night Success

No one becomes a millionaire over-night. There is no shortcut to success. You can not make a million in a short time. There are so many ads claiming that you can make money, so much money in a few hours. That is not possible. There could be exceptions, but that is a very rare case. Success requires time and effort, and you must be willing to put them in.

Little by little does the trick, small steps can lead to big opportunities. Everything starts from nothing. It is those small steps that can make you a millionaire. Take small steps each day and move nearer to your goal. All the little work that you put into it can lead you closer to success. Small steps are important in the process of creating big results.

6. You Do Not Believe

If you believe that you can be a millionaire, then you can! If you think you can’t, you can’t! Go and ask the people around you if they want to be a millionaire. Eight out of 10 are going to tell you, “Of course, I want to be a millionaire, who doesn’t?” but they have all the reasons why they can’t.

Change your belief system! Keep in mind that “everything happens twice, first in the mind, and the second in reality.”

When you believe that something is possible, you are going to go all out to make it happen. You are going to take action and you won’t stop until you have achieved it. When you believe in something, the process of achieving it seems easier and faster.


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