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Why being 25 is the worst

Updated on April 24, 2014

As I peruse my Facebook feed, I'm left with the overwhelming fear that I am alone. Friends I knew in high school are getting married and having kids. Some have moved across the country to pursue their dreams and careers. For many, it seems, life has worked out just the way they expected it to. For me on the other hand, my life is far from what I anticipated. I was supposed to be married or at least engaged by now. I should have had my first book published and living in a cool, hip town like Portland or San Francisco. Instead, I am single, stuck in my hometown, working a dead-end job. I am cemented in place by my massive student loan debt and my crippling anxiety that is created by my uncertainties.

Who am I? Who am I evolving in to? What am I supposed to be doing? Why am I still single? Which career path should I choose? Should I go to grad school? These questions are what that I wake up to and fall asleep with every night. How am I supposed to know what to do? I just learned how to file my taxes for Christ's sake.

Thanks to Facebook I am constantly reminded that so many others my age are much happier …and a lot less broke…and a lot less single than myself. Aside from the depression that emerges from a five minute scroll through my Instagram feed, a whole other set of quarter-life crises are happening.

Remember when you could stumble home at 2am from a night out on the town to wake up at 7am and make it to work (barely), still wearing last night's make-up? Nowadays, if I'm not in bed by 10pm, I'm channeling my inner Red Forman from That 70s Show the entire next day. Not to mention, hangovers now last the entire day.

When you graduate from your early 20s, something very strange happens. You suddenly realize that you don't have even a quarter of the friends you had a few years ago. And good luck meeting new ones. When the friends you do still have ask you to come out for a drink, you find yourself with the internal battle between going out and eating take-out on your couch with your new best friend, Netflix. And Netflix almost always wins.

On the rare occasion you do visit your favorite bar, you quickly realize that you're the oldest one there. And forget staying until closing time. It's midnight, you're exhausted and you have Game of Thrones on DVR.

Then there's your nagging suspicion that your parents are wondering why you aren't in a serious relationship. Being single at 25 can be extremely scary. Baby and wedding pictures are quickly invading your social media, replacing music festival pictures and Bob Marley quotes. By this point, you've completely lost interest in continuing relationships that are unhealthy, yet completely exhausted by the idea of dating someone for it to just end in a few months.

You soon change your requirements for a partner from "tall, good-looking, great job, musician, awesome sense of humor, cat-lover" to "available and not a serial killer."

At this point, it's becoming increasingly less appropriate to eat McDonald's 5 days a week. Being healthy is supposed to become a reality and not something you just talk about doing some day. I've spent countless hours trying to cook my own meals while destroying a myriad of frying pans and almost catching my house on fire on more than one occasion.

Life is confusing at 25. You learn a lot of hard life lessons around this time, like how it wasn't a good idea to max out all of your credit cards. Borrowing money from your parents is becoming less acceptable. Your body just doesn't digest Taco Bell like it used to. And perhaps the guy with the hand tattoos that dumped you wasn't really marriage material anyway. Let's just hope being 30 isn't worse.


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