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Why do the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer?

Updated on March 15, 2012

Let's think outside the box for a minute. Why are there so many people that have money problems, while a small percent of individuals earn more money than what they spend.

Those who want to make money, and be their own boss, often find ways to make their dreams come true in more than one way. Everyone has ideas of how to make money, but only a small number of people will actually take the next step in making their dreams come true, and actually make money from their ideas.

Too many Individuals often wonder why is it that just a small number of people make their dreams come true. Economically speaking, the reason why only a small percent of individuals are wealthy is merely for the fact that they do not believe in 9 to 5 jobs. They make their own schedule, and work towards their own business in their own time.

To me, it seems that everyone can have the financial freedom that they want. All that it takes is a bit of hard work. Too many people ask me how I manage to make my money, even though so many people do not have the same experiences working online as I do. The answer is simple: I don't give up. I love what I do, and for many, this is not the case.

When looking at the individuals that are looking for an opportunity to make extra money, or quit their everyday jobs because they want to follow their passion. Few of them actually take the chance and make take their ideas to the next level. There are ways to overcome poverty, and actually jump, and become part of that 10th percentile of Americans that make more than the rest of the population.

So, why do the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer?

When looking at the differences when it comes to the obvious facts: Job industries, Better salary, or having a chance to save money over time, or being able to climb up the "corporate ladder" in many businesses.

These are just some of the things that people actually look forward to when they find or look for a good job. But who says that you can't be your own boss, and still be successful? In two years, I went from working as a secretary, to being a full time writer, and still having time to explore other forms of income on the side.

To say the least, I've found several possibilities that have allowed to still be a full time mother, and make the money that I want. In my case, I found that making the transition from having a steady paycheck, to working on my own, and wondering how i'm going to make rent each month has been nothing more than a challenge. However, it does beat having to work in a job that I don't particularly like.

So, Why do the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer? Could it be because of the choices that they make in life? Or because some people do not have the same advantages that the wealthy do?

You do not need to come from money to be able to have great opportunities facing you. Many individuals actually take the time to explore other possibilities when they want to make the change from having a regular job, to being able to be their own boss.

The only difference between individuals that cross the wealth margin, and make the money that they want annually is that they know how to take chances, and actually work towards their dream.


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    • Pool Of Thoughts profile image

      David Steffy 4 years ago from Southern Ohio


      I'm new here and just wanted to thank the author for her excellent article. Anyone who is interested in success stories can google ChristianPF and read his story. He actually inspired me to sign up here and try to help the reading community by sharing some of my experience and knowledge...not that I'm a guru or anything.

    • swiggies profile image

      swiggies 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Most of my friends moved to America with very little money in their pockets. They all started businesses, worked very hard and now they are all successful. Fairness is when we all have a chance to be as successful as we want. If they could do it from nothing, anyone can.

    • profile image

      nanonano 5 years ago

      Greece can happen to anyone! its just a matter of time and there is no real solution. there is always a small percentage of people who lack the intelligence and motivation to actually work for a living. the people who are working and contributing to society are tired of paying for this. why do government employees receive a pension in addition to canada and old age pension. i think every one who contributes should benefit equally. not just government employees.

    • Jessi10 profile image

      Jessica Rangel 6 years ago from Lancaster, CA

      Thank you both for your comments.

      I think that anyone can move up the social ladder if they choose to. I've done it, and continue to do it. Every month I set goals for myself, and try my hardest to accomplish them.

    • Marcel White profile image

      Marcel White 6 years ago

      OK, perhaps my English wasn't perfect. What I think should be kept at a fair level are the differences. That's my opinion and if you don't like it you'd better try not to be rude.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      ..."the challenge is to keep them at a fair level" ?? this is absurd! What is the importance in keeping them at a fair level? The only answer can be class envy? There is no other answer! Cuba keeps their economy at a FAIR level! go move there! Oh by the way that level is EXTREME POVERTY! argh! MORON!

      Excellent hub, sorry about the comment above! This is the mindset of millions and prove how a bumbling idiot like Obama is our president!

      I know a guy with a photogenic mind! He is amazing and could be rich! He CHOOSES to work a 9 to 5 and get on the couch! I owned my own business for 18 years! I worked 365 days a year the first 10 years! I do know exactly where your coming from! voted up!

    • Marcel White profile image

      Marcel White 6 years ago

      Quote: "There are ways to overcome poverty, and actually jump, and become part of that 10th percentile of Americans that make more than the rest of the population." This seems a bit naive. If everybody could reach the 10th percentile, the average would be somewhere in the middle of that percentile.

      The truth is that there will always be differences. The challenge is to keep them at a fair level.