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11 Ideas to Stay Active in Retirement and Even Earn Money

Updated on April 11, 2018
Tilly Rogers profile image

Tilly Rogers is a mother, writer and thrift loving woman! She has a B.A. from UNC Charlotte with a B.A. in Education.

How can you earn money and stay active during retirement?

Get a side hustle!

Now that you've retired you have more time available to really start doing those things that began with phrases like "When the kids grow up," or "When I don't have to work so hard," After spending decades of your time to fulfill your obligations - it's your time.

Parking on the sofa, gazing at a computer screen or smart phone is an option, yet all of these choices get pretty dull - pretty quickly. Staying inactive is a certain way to begin to have mental and physical health issues.

Finding ways to be more active and locating opportunities to socialize is a better and healthier way to spend your retirement.

Here are some ideas to get the physically, socially and even financially active for folks in or entering retirement.

1. Take up those hobbies you've been meaning to get to or get back to. Dig out the old paintbrushes, dive into that fabric to rediscover quilting. Put those tools in the garage to work and start honing your woodworking skills.

2. Plant a garden. People who engage in gardening live longer than those who don't. It's a great way to get physical exercise as well has emotional satisfaction. Getting out in sun (with sunscreen of course) is a great way to soak in some vitamin D with is great for bones and as a mood enhancer.

3. Become involved in political activism or social causes that are meaningful and important to you and your community. Maybe there's an empty lot that could be turned into a green space and you're just the person to get the project rolling.

4. Become an entrepreneur or in other words get a "side hustle." Start selling some of your crafts at a flea market. Sell some of those plants or vegetables you've been growing, or eggs from that backyard chicken flock you've been raising.

20 Free Ways to Stay Active in Retirement

5. Local schools and summer camps often have part time employment to help children with their reading or math skills. On the same note, become a private tutor. Often times parents are looking for qualified tutors to help boost their child's test score. There are also many countries who welcome native English speakers as English teachers.

6. Regularly take part in the local animal rescue's fundraising and adoption events. There are usually fostering opportunities with most rescue groups as well. Interacting with animals has been shown to have many positive health benefits.

7. Visit National Parks, explore the hiking and various activities the parks have throughout the year. Have you been to the Grand Canyon yet? Were you last there when you were eight years old or during a high school senior class trip? What are you waiting for?

8. Make a commitment to regularly attend a senior exercise program at your local YMCA. Attending group exercise classes are great for social and physical health.

9. Become a member at a local museum. Events and exhibitions are always changing throughout the year, so there will be plenty of opportunities to explore new things. Often times they have reciprocity with other museums and you can get into museums throughout the world, free or with discounted admission.

10. Get a part time job at a place you love to shop. All retail stores have a high employee turn over, so there is a change to get your foot in the door at a hardware stores, plant nursery and craft shop. Similarly become a Mystery Shopper. You can set your own hours and shop at local stores or phone inquires.

11. Travel and spend time visiting kids and relatives you've been meaning to get out to see. Go and see the Great Wall of China, swim in Barbados, walk the streets of Calcutta. There is a world waiting to be explored.

This is your chance to really begin to explore all of the things you've been meaning to get to and even earn some money while you're doing it!

© 2018 Tilly Rogers


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