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Why most people will never earn a single cent with Clickbank

Updated on January 1, 2012
Clickbank Earnings for November and December.  I have a lot of trouble believing figures like these.
Clickbank Earnings for November and December. I have a lot of trouble believing figures like these.

I'm sure you have all seen figures like the above on a sales page trying to grab your attention and money!!!

Why most people will never earn a single cent with Clickbank... and let me tell you why.

A lot of new Internet Marketers find the need to purchase a lot of different rehashed Ebooks on how they can earn $2,000 in the eight hours the spend sleeping. Ask yourself something, if the Ebook publishers know how to earn this kind of money, what the hell are they doing selling it for $50? Something doesn't seem right here.

They are all along the same lines, they spend 30 or 40 pages rambling on how they are successful Internet Marketers and earn $1 million a year and how they purchased a new Ferrari F430, the big house with landscaped gardens overlooking the water, photos of them holidaying on beautiful islands sitting back with a book and a drink. I believe I could safely say that 99 out of 100 of these websites you come across are absolute B.S.

I know there are plenty of ways to make money online and I have been reasonably successful in my online ventures but I can tell you I am definately not driving around in exotic cars, in fact I am still renting a house. First of all I want to explain a few things about Affiliate Marketing that the big so called gurus conveniently leave out.

Affiliate Programs have little guidelines that you must follow in order to be paid. Clickbank for instance requires you to have

Minimum of 5 sales. So until you have mastered Internet Marketing enough to not only sell to one person but to sell 5 individual items you are not getting a cent. If you have jumped in the deep end and signed up for Google Adwords at this stage and started a PPC Campaign this can be absolute disaster to your success. You are throwing more and more money at these campaigns and because you are new to this whole concept you are literally throwing money down the drain in most cases. A new Internet Marketer should never use Google Adwords, you need to learn all about Keyword Research and Return on Investment etc, before you even touch Pay Per Click.

Clickbank not only has a requirement of 5 sales as a minimum but they also require you to have 2 different payment methods. This means that one of the customers must pay with a Visa card while another customer will have to pay with Mastercard. There is also the option of Paypal as a payment method but I believe at the time I was qualifying for payment originally Paypal was not recognised as a different payment method, this could of changed by now but you still need 2 different payment methods regardless.

So can you make money from Clickbank?

The answer simply put is yes, but the reason most people will never earn a single cent with Clickbank is because they will give up before they get the minimum 5 sales. In fact the majority of people will give up before they even get a single sale. The reason being is that these Internet Marketing Gurus selling these Ebooks and training manuals spend so much time rambling on with how they spent their Monday morning playing a round of golf while you slaved away at your 9 - 5 job that they leave out the vital steps to following them in the path of success that they have enjoyed, or so we are lead to believe.

Here is why it is hard to earn money with Affiliate Programs like Clickbank and Commission Junction though... if you are following a method found online that has been sold to 1,000 people don't you think that even if it does work that it will be completely saturated? Think about it if it is a training guide on how to use PPC with certain affiliate products you are up against huge numbers of competition from both experienced and inexperienced internet marketers. They are all trying to outbid each other for keywords, paying upwards of $2.00 a click for some keywords. The experienced marketers are able to pay this sort of money for clicks as they have great capture pages, list building methods. The inexperienced Internet Marketer pays $2 for a click and 50 clicks later $100 is gone and you have no sales! You might strike it lucky and get 1 sale and earn a commission of $30 but you are still $70 behind. Return on Investment is something that I strongly recommend is looked into before even thinking about touching Pay per Click and research niches thoroughly, make sure you have related keywords and shop around for cheaper keywords to get more clicks for you money.

All this comes in time though. To start off with when getting into Affiliate Marketing with companies like Clickbank I recommend alternative methods of advertising like blogs. Again research your keywords and look for keywords with lower competition so you have more chance of ranking on the first page of the search engines.

Remember to always build quality backlinks to your blogs or websites. This is something that can really determine your rankings within the search engines. I have a Hub on this topic at How to Build Backlinks Easily , be sure to have a read of it.

I also have a free method of choosing appropriate Clickbank Products when starting out in Affiliate Marketing. You need to choose lower competition products so that you are not competing with the experience marketers who know all the tricks to taking your sales. Have a read of How to Find Good Clickbank Products

There are many Affiliate Networks out there and you can make money online but to be honest with you all it is not easy when you don't know what you are getting yourself into and don't have the knowledge to promote.

I hope I have been some help to you in helping you understand why you may not be getting sales with Clickbank and that I haven't put anyone off Internet Marketing because of it. Remember Internet Marketing can be very rewarding if you have obtained the right knowledge. Hopefully with the hubs I have just provided you with you can start your journey without handing over a single cent.


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    • profile image

      Rickie 2 years ago

      Thanks for the different tips cniurobtted on this weblog. I have noticed that many insurance agencies offer consumers generous discounts if they choose to insure multiple cars together. A significant number of households own several autos these days, particularly those with more mature teenage young children still living at home, and also the savings with policies may soon begin. So it makes sense to look for a good deal.

    • profile image

      Promote Clickbank using Hubpages 6 years ago

      RobbWindow as long as you find a strategy to implement and stick to it, you will definately make money with Clickbank. Thousands of Internet Marketers do it everyday.

    • robbwindow profile image

      Robert Bridge 7 years ago from London

      Oh well done all day trying to implement stategies on Clickbank then I stumble across this Hub, very refreshing read well done.

    • AndrewGee profile image

      AndrewGee 7 years ago

      great article!

    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Clickbank can be overwhelming. This is a very good hub. I am joining your following.