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Why planning weeks don't really work for me

Updated on September 27, 2017
Find joy in the journey even when you don't want to
Find joy in the journey even when you don't want to

Why Planning weeks don't really work for me when I blog

Everyone has busy lives which in turn requires planning limitlessly in order to get things done. When you work from home it is a lot harder.If you are blogger harder still, Why do I say that I say that because Ideas don’t always come on a whim and are always there? Planning a blog post or even just planning ideas takes time, doesn’t it? The way you want something to sound, and what you want it to say. Are two key things in planning blogs? Planning anything during the week can be a challenge because random things can pop up and change your plans in a blink of an eye, but I am not talking about that. I am talking more about planning your blog posts, or ideas at least. If you spend your workday planning things it is not easy. Depending on where you work and all, If you work from home planning weeks are weeks where you dedicate solely to planning what you are going to do for the next few weeks, and you're not going to work until you have planned out what you are going to do, but that is difficult especially with distractions. You have to be very dedicated during planning weeks and not get distracted, getting distracted with other things is my downfall and that is why planning weeks don't really work for me.

Some people take the time and plan out what they are going to do for a month of blogging, picking out ideas. I have tried to do that, and it has worked for the most part but for some reason, I have a feeling that it isn’t really working anymore. Why would that be? Well, I usually write posts for two weeks, and then I take a week off and compile a list of different ideas for the next two weeks. Or at least I try to do that, when I give myself a planning week it doesn’t really go far. What I mean by that is, I sometimes can come up with ideas while watching movies, or just relaxing and not typing on the computer. Not typing on the computer or just watching movies doesn’t really spark the ideas very well, though?

I am not saying that it doesn’t spark them because it does if I really think hard about it. I am just saying that it takes a lot of work and effort, the ideas for new posts don’t come instantly. Most of the time when I decide to have a week to plan more ideas, I am usually very busy with other things like going out to appointments or with people during the day when I usually write. Which isn’t to say that I don’t like doing that, because I do sometimes I just feel as though I could be writing but when you are not really in the mood to write because you have done it for so long the week before what do you do?

Trying to plan limitless things in order to get them done during the week is sometimes hard. If you plan too much and try to get it all done most of the time nothing gets done because everything is started but nothing is finished because you just have too much to do. That is what I do, I plan too much and most of the time nothing gets done, but I am getting better, I am making smaller lists and getting what I put on the list done rather than doing a limitless number of things and hoping that they get done.

How to plan your blog writing
How to plan your blog writing

Planning weeks one minute they are great the next not so much

Planning weeks, are supposed to be weeks of thinking up new ideas and planning for weeks to come, aren’t they? They aren’t supposed to be sitting on the couch watching movies and not writing and trying to rack your brain for new ideas. Sometimes that does work, though, but most of the time it doesn’t. That is when I turn on the television watch a movie or read a book, sometimes doing other things will spark a new idea for a blog post. Not all the time, though. So do they really work?That is the question.

That is why I say that sometimes planning weeks don’t really work for me because one minute I could be on a roll with the ideas and the next I can be at a loss and nothing comes to mind. which happens more often than not, in the end, it leaves me limitlessly thinking.Some people say that planning your ideas is not always a good thing just write what comes to mind, but what if you want to write continuously? If you want to write continuously don’t you think that ideas are better already written out? I do, that is why I try to have planning weeks of thinking up ideas and writing them down. But that is usually all I do when I have a week like that and that, is why they don’t really work for me, because if you force yourself to think of new things the ideas don’t come, to mind as easily. If you want to have a planning week, of some sort for your blog, though, don’t, not do it because I say that it doesn’t really work for me, it does in a sense just not as much as I would like. But relaxing while thinking up new ideas is good too. For some reason during really good idea weeks, the more relaxed I am the better ideas I come up with, which in the end makes my blog better.

If you ask someone else if idea planning for their blog works they will probably say yes, or they might say no. It depends on the person and the type of blog they want to write. Or it can even depend on their job too if they are the ones that need to come up with ideas for new products and things like that. People might agree with me that having full idea weeks where you just plan ideas for things for the next two weeks don’t work but others might disagree. It just depends on the person and the week really, as I said before sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t but that doesn’t mean I am going to give up, I will leave the house to figure out new ideas, clear your head. Clearing your head with anything always help and it defiantly helps with blogs so why not give that a try. That is what I have tried recently and it seems to work.

Which means so is blog planning because you always have to plan before you write so that you can succeed
Which means so is blog planning because you always have to plan before you write so that you can succeed

Planning Weeks for Bloggers can be Limitless

Planning weeks for bloggers is writing a limitless list of ideas for their niche and seeing what posts will work better versus other ones. At least that is what I like to do when I plan, while I watch television because having the t.v. on while I try and think sparks ideas for posts. I only watch television during the day when I plan new posts for my blogs no other time during the day that is.

Do you ever have a blog idea planning week and do they work for you?

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