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Why you should begin your Financial Planning at an early age

Updated on February 4, 2013

The age between 20 and 45 may be the most productive period in anyone's life. But, those who belong to these age groups may have a tendency to squander money because they may want to enjoy life. They think that their right to seek enjoyment is non-negotiable. But, when they grow up and reach a certain age and when responsibilities pile up, they may wonder how they will be able to fulfill these responsibilities. So, it is better if young people give a serious thought about their financial planning as early as possible.

If you are young, you can start your financial planning in your twenties.This may positively impact your later life. It may benefit your family members also. It may make your retirement period smooth, though that period is a distant future.

Owning your Home

As you delay your financial planning, the benefits that may be available to you may proportionately come down also. You may decide to buy a home for which you may need money for down-payment. If you delay the process of financial planning, you may either be forced to raise a loan or settle down for a smaller home.

Children's higher Education

Similarly, if you get married and have children, you may have to spend for their higher education. Education has become quite expensive and especially, higher education may cost a fortune. By starting to save at an early age, you will have more number of years to save and you will have a substantial amount at your disposal for providing the best possible education to your children.

Retirement Period

There are people who think of their retirement only at their age of 50. If they begin to save at the age of 50, they may not have sufficient funds with them during their retirement period. They may be forced to depend upon others. Nothing can be more painful than this. Further, when you attain your retirement age, you may not have the physical strength to move around and earn. Unless you are highly motivated, you may not feel like working hard for earning and living an independent life. If you want to lead a comfortable life during your retirement period, you must begin your savings at an early age.

You have several retirement plans available and you must study them carefully to choose the best ones that may suit you. If you invest in them consistently, your life during your retirement period will be smooth.

Investing in Life Insurance

Almost everyone buys life insurance. But, you should check if you are insured adequately. According to experts, your insured amount should help your family to lead a normal and comfortable life for about 7 to 10 years, even in your absence. Another group of experts say that your total life insurance should be seven times of your current earnings. If you are currently not insured to this extent, you should immediately take steps to fill this gap.


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    • dreamdamodar profile image

      Raman Kuppuswamy 4 years ago from Chennai, India

      Young people are never barred from enjoying their lives. But, at the same time, they should think about their future and start saving as early as possible.