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Why your wife should handle your finances

Updated on January 5, 2015

Give your wife 100% of your salary

In Japan and some other Asian countries, if the husband only is working then it is the norm for the whole salary to go into the wife's bank account with the husband have no access at all. All payments, rent, mortgage, bills, car etc.. will be deducted from the wife's account and she we give the husband a weekly allowance, for lunch etc. If the husband is to buy anything outside this allowance then he will need to ask his wife for more money and she will only oblige depending on the family's finance status.

The husband will probably even forget when payday is, also his actual salary amount. This trend is also amongst foreigners living in Japan who have a Japanese spouse.

Even if the wife is working, this can still be applied if the husband is the bread winner.

The benefits

Rather than both parties trying to control money and budget. This system gives the housewife more of a responsibility feeling and tend to approaching it more like a job (finance related) with careful planning and excel spread sheet etc. It is also a lot easier for a man to control money when he does not have direct access to it, getting extra money would mean asking you wife every time and explaining what it's for. The husband will be reluctant to ask for things that may be a waste of money. e.g. snacks, frequent drinking after work etc.

It is also quite a weight of the shoulders for a lot of people to know they there finances of being handled. It will force you into a money saving lifestyle, erasing all money spending habits.

The bad points

There are of course times when something sudden comes up with some urgency where money (cash) may be needed. If you are at the end of the week (Thursday, Friday) and you are at the end of your weekly budget then it may be a problem if you are invite out somewhere. To avoid this, arrangements could be made with your wife to have emergency money left in your account but of course this may be tempting to waste.

Buying Christmas presents for your family or kids may not feel as special if you are not directly using your own money.

Money management tips for couples

1. Discuss your finances - this is something may young couples are afraid to talk about. Even though they are married, finance still seem to be kept a big secret in many cases. Remember, what's yours is hers.

2. Make a note of your goals - Money is saved better and less money is wasted if your are both striving towards a common goal.

3. Talk about bank accounts - At least one account should be joined and this breeds trusts in a relationship and is essential for emergencies too.

4. Put away money for emergencies - Most people say that they don't have enough spare to do this but it may only have to be a few dollars a months which can help a great deal in the long run.

5. Set Budgets - As many Japanese housewives do, set strict budges for the day and even impose punishments when they are exceed.e.g. a reduction in spending money for the following month. However irregular expenses need to be considered too and put separetly aside.

How do you handle your finances?

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    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 6 years ago from Japan

      tmbridgeland. Well I use to be free with my money but now I just like a typical salayman with my wifes given budget.

    • tmbridgeland profile image

      tmbridgeland 6 years ago from Small Town, Illinois

      I well remember this, and my wife does handle most of our money. I also remember many Japanese men who deeply resented their wives' freedom and spending habits, while they were on a tight allowance.