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Will school vouchers save property owners tax dollars?

Updated on October 27, 2012

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, 13 states either have or are implementing school vouchers this coming 2012-2013 school year. The average voucher, according to the Institute's numbers, is $4500. This amount covers the cost to educate one child for the school year.

The institute states, that the cost to educate one student in Illinois without a voucher is just over $10,000 for a school year. Other states like Illinois that have a commanding Teacher's Union influence meet this or exceed this number. The real question is why? Property owners from these states fork over large sums of property tax money (80% or more of the tax bill) to school districts. This situation has become dire for home owners because many cannot afford these tax bills! Now that the housing market has dropped significantly municipalities do not want to loose the tax base from these prior inflated values. Teacher Unions demand an out of sight pay check & pension for their members while the property tax base has decreased due to foreclosures & decreased property assessments

Could the best solution be at hand? School vouchers? If each child was given X amount in the form of a voucher that was predetermined based on tax money collected and no more, the school district would forced to budget within it's means! Hey, every private sector school has to budget from year to year based on student enrollment. Why should the public sector be any different.....because the Union needs their "fair share"?

Should school districts have to budget within their means by the implementation of a predetermined voucher amount?

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