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Will the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Crash Recover?

Updated on April 18, 2018
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Jeremy has been involved in computer technology since he was very young programming software. Currently he operates HappyPuppy web hosting.

Bitcoin Bubble or Bust

Cryptocurrency Experts Expect Another Bubble

Although there are many mixed sentiments about the current future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, many experts are saying that it will likely recover and either stabilizer at a new balanced price or start another price bubble. To be clear, I am neither a certified financial advisor, nor am I providing financial advice, just my observations and expectations.

I also agree with the experts predicting a bubble. Although history is too short to be certain of any patterns yet, there are some indications to suggest the market decline is slowing and actually reversing direction, but only mildly.

Initially, I predicted the market price at Coinbase would decline to around $6000 USD and reverse, but it already reached $6400 USD and is showing positive signs of reversal already. We may yet see the $6000 price, but it is more likely to bounce up again before that and I'lI explain why many including myself think so.

Key indicators show likely market direction.

Key Market Indicators

Whenever you try to predict and evaluate whether a market will rise or fall, there are key signals or indicators that appear in the market fluctuation patterns that identify what a market is most likely to do.

No single indicator should be used, especially in a market with a price as unstable as cryptocurrency. However, three or more signals in combination together gives a pretty clear indication of direction. Still, to be fair this is still a guessing game not unlike predicting the weather so it isn't a clear cut science.

To visualise these we use a few market graphs. The candlesticks format is among the most popular to get a view of the current direction of the market which identifies the first signal. This is a weak signal since the market is constantly fluctuating. However, a general direction emerges over the course of a day more clearly indicating the current trend. Right now as of April 1 the market has indications of a definite positive trend. This is promising, but by itself does not indicate a turnaround.

Market Patterns

Historical Pattern Indicators

Patterns in the market historically can help us predict the most likely future directions, since patterns often repeat themselves.

Good or Bad Market Patterns

When the market rises or falls there is a buy and sell trail that gets created. Detecting the pattern of when the market buy and sell points overlap and the patterns they produce on the graph along with the following rise or fall results can help with predicting the pattern when that same pattern re-emerges later on. Just like life, market history often repeats itself.

It so happens that the current pattern is similar to the pattern that emerged in February when the market recovered and spiked again in March. This is a good sign. It indicates a likely second spike coming this month although it is still unlikely to reach the levels of December or March due to the pattern being more muted and the reduced volume compared to last month.

Cashing out

We could be in for a ride this month.

Get In, Get Out, or Get Run Over

To conclude this market evaluation, what should we do then? Is it a good time to buy in, or should we be bailing out like a sinking ship? Well, all indications point to this being a good time to buy in right now with a good likelyhood of the market rising significantly.

Still, it is important to remember that past performance is not a foolproof indicator of future performance, so predicting markets is like predicting the weather and beyond two days it is hard to say for sure. Nonetheless, I am confident based on the current market indicators that we are looking forward to an uptrend this month.

I still leave you with a warning. Like the uptrend in March, it will be short-lived, so take advantage of the boom while you can and get out before the bust I am expecting again in May.

© 2018 Jeremy W


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    • HappyPuppyHost profile image

      Jeremy W 13 days ago from Saskatoon

      We're out of the dip for awhile. Now's our chance to profit from that dip, it's time to sell while it's rising and you still can. After this we will have a drop again, but it won't likely recover as fast.

      We can still play the dips and rises but from here on it will be a weak market until July.

    • HappyPuppyHost profile image

      Jeremy W 2 weeks ago from Saskatoon

      We have entered one of the dips I predicted, but based on downward resistance it should pull back soon.

    • HappyPuppyHost profile image

      Jeremy W 2 weeks ago from Saskatoon

      As of April 4, 2018 despite market resistance from the heavyweight selling by the bigger market players there is a definite continuing upward trend happening.

      We will keep an eye out for when the market will taper off, but it is likely to reach between 8K and 9K USD at least if the signals are right. There will still be a few small dips before it reaches that point though.

      After that we are most likely looking at another big dip as the market corrects again. It should be deeper than March, but percentagewise smaller.