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Will You Have Enough Savings to Retire?

Updated on July 4, 2011

S&P 500 TimingTruth vs Market Returns

Free Shipping Promotion Code: 06-006127
Free Shipping Promotion Code: 06-006127 | Source

If you started your retirement with $10,000 using a broad US market index S&P 500 in 1993 then today you would have $34,163 or $83,459 depending on the strategy you use.

The chart above shows how only FOUR moves over seventeen (17) years resulted in an 493% INCREASE over a Buy & Hold strategy. Managing your own retirement investment is simple, easy, and really CHEAP if you consider the extra money you earn.

Our market timing investment strategy for retirement is based on just four simple principles

  • Don't be greedy
  • Don't get complicated
  • Don't be in a hurry
  • Don't waste money

These principles result in our specific practices:

  • Relax and don't be anxious about investing. You don't have to understand or even care about the complexities of global finances. Simply understand that over the long term global economies and the related financial markets go through up-down cycles.
  • Begin investing as early in your life as possible, even if it's only a very small amount. Time is more important to your retirement than how much money you initially invest.
  • Invest in a large economy, not in a few companies or commodities. The simple reason is that we can follow the trends of economies and their broad markets but it is nearly impossible to follow the trends of companies, market sectors, commodities or whatever.
  • Use the simplest and least expensive means possible to invest. Today this means using Exchange Traded Index Funds (ETF). ETFs accurately track large economies, are inexpensive, and offered by respected financial companies.
  • Be patient and do not allow your emotions to influence your investing. For many investing is an emotional roller coaster. It should not be. TimingTruth reduces the crazy emotion of the financial markets to cold, hard numbers so you can relax and ignore them.

To begin following the TimingTruth market timing investment strategy follow these few steps.

  • Make sure you can invest in a broad US market stock fund and a broad US bond fund. You usually do this through your employer's 401k plan or through an IRA.
  • Subscribe to our inexpensive service which tells you when to buy and sell. Take advantage of our offer for retirement investors.
  • Relax and do nothing until we send you information. When you receive our information related to buying and selling you must act on it. This information will come rarely. In the last 17 years there have only been four (4) times for the broad US market. Only having a few signals is a good thing. The fewer the signals the more stable the economy.

Visit for more information.


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