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With JD Sports Sales On - Is It A Good Time To Invest?

Updated on January 2, 2017

JD Sports Shop Sales

Trading Opportunity

JD Sports first came to my attention around April 2015 because my chart scanner was alerting me to new highs being made on a consistent basis. I analyzed the chart and noticed a nice, clear and neat looking trend forming. As a trend trader I prefer to take only the most obvious opportunities. If I feel I’m forcing a trend to appear then I immediately know it isn’t a trade worth the time or money. But with this stock I would see regular moves up and this was telling me that an opportunity was staring me right in the face. I waited for a breakout of a new high then I was in, no questions asked.

Early into the trade the stock started to slow down then all off a sudden the upsurge continued and I saw easy profits being added to my trading account.

JD Sports is a consistent grower despite having slow periods at times. If you’re faithful to this stock and stick with it, this stock will be faithful to you and reward you handsomely.

Store Growth

Technical Trading

Last year there was a huge growth in the company and they expanded across Europe. Could this be the reason for the growth in the stock? Who knows? As a technical trend trader I only go by what I see and it was clear to me that something positive was going on somewhere. It didn’t matter what that something was, the main thing was seeing the opportunity and being there to catch that opportunity at the right time.

Growth of 230%

How I profited from this stock

The second blue arrow signifies the point where I started to notice growth in the stock. From the beginning on that second arrow up to the present day the stock has grown 230%.

Trading can be simple or difficult depending on which method you choose to trade. There are short term traders who got in and out of this trade several times only making a small amount of profit and going through more emotions trading this way. As I held onto the trade and just left it to work it’s magic, there were no emotions invested into this trade.

I have tried many different trading strategies and the one which works over the long-term is trend trading because it allows you to catch big moves like this.

At the moment JD Sports is taking a breather and slowing down but should the stock start it’s move up once again then it’s up to you to be ready to take advantage of the next opportunity.

Happy trading and be ready to catch the trends for 2017.


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