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Work from Home Online Jobs to Make Money

Updated on August 13, 2014
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We are in the informational age.

Forget about the industrial age.

But why?

You see, we are in the century where there is high demand for information (knowledge).

The present economies are based on information computerization.

The good news is you can now work from home! I'm just going to explain this to you in this article.

A lot of people are using Google to search for information.

Google's business is to deliver high-quality relevant information to people who are searching for particular information through its search engine ("to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful…")

Google earns most of its profits from AdWords (advertisements). Google knows clearly that it can't make money from advertisements without information.

That is why there is interdependence between Google and other websites/blogs. Google depends on websites and blogs to get information when people search on its search engine. On the other hand, websites and blogs depend on Google to rank them in the search result pages so that they get traffic.


Online Job Opportunities

All those websites and blogs you come across including Google are in need of people to work for them. They hire men and women like you.

There are those websites and blogs that hire people to do certain tasks only like writing articles. Hundreds if not thousands of jobs are being created as a result of the increased number of businesses creating their online presence. The good part about these jobs is that some of them are work from home jobs.

Online businesses have helped to curb the high rate of unemployment. Work from home jobs are available online but it is for you to find the kind of online job that you're able to do and the one you're passionate about.

You should know that you cannot do all the online jobs that are available, some of them require high level of skills and education, but if you possess the level of skills and the education required, then you're eligible to apply for such jobs.

One thing I like about working online from home is that it doesn't matter where you work from, and as such there is nothing like looking for a strategic location in order for you to work from home online. You only need your desk top computer or laptop that is connected to a stable internet.

In my case, I prefer a laptop because it enables me to work from anywhere. I always carry my laptop along whenever I travel. I don't stop working just because I'm traveling since I know the more I work online the more I make money online.

It is true that working from home will offer you great benefits in terms of flexibility.

Although this is true, you have to manage your time properly. Do what you're supposed to do at a particular time for you to complete all the tasks of the job your client wants to be accomplished before the end of the deadline.

The environment should also be conducive for you to work from home productively.

1.) Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Do you know that in the year 2010 over $125 billion revenue was earned through Multi-level marketing companies?

It is estimated that 175,000 new people in the U.S alone join a network marketing company each week. Some of these people work from home online selling the products of a multi-level marketing company.

So, how do you get paid when you work for multi-level marketing company?

You get compensated by the multi-level company for each sale you make in additional of earning virtually all the sales on the levels of your sales representatives (distributors) you have recruited to join the multi-level marketing company.

Beware that not all multi-level companies advertising themselves as offering work from home jobs are legitimate.

You have to be careful when you're choosing a multi-level company to work for.

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2.) Flipping Blogs

The business of flipping blogs isn’t something new. It is a rewarding business if only you create blogs that people will have an interest to buy.

Flipping blogs is an opportunity for you to work from home. The business of flipping blogs can really keep you busy since a lot of work needs to be done before a blog is ready for sale.

With the demand for people wanting to create their own marketing networks, the demand for blogs has increased. People are searching for ready-made blogs to buy.

Once you have completed creating the blogs and you're satisfied that you have published quality and relevant content on each one of them, you have to advertise them so that you attract potential buyers who will buy them.

The good thing is that some of the blogs will be generating revenue for you before you get to sell them.

Below are some of the blogs that were sold very expensively:

1.) was sold for $15 million

2.) was sold for $100 million

3.) TechCrunch was sold for $30 million

4.) Huffington Post was sold for $315 million

5.) Tumblr was sold for $1.1 billion


3.) Data Entry Jobs

There are legitimate companies that hire people to do data entry for them.

Although you can work from home doing the data entry jobs for companies, you won't earn a lot of money.

However, data entry jobs offer you the opportunity to work part time.

There are occasions when you have nothing to do more especially during the weekends, public holidays or evening hours. Instead of you being idle, you can work from home doing the data entry jobs and you'll get paid.

The only way to earn a lot of money from data entry jobs is for you to increase your working speed so that each day you do several data entry jobs.

Transcription jobs pay more than data entry jobs since they require one to possess the skills in order to do them accurately. Usually, transcription jobs are advertised as data entry jobs.

These are some of the legitimate online jobs that offer you the opportunity to work from online.


4.) Selling Domain Name

Although it is a very competitive business but you can start the business of selling domain names.

You can be unique from your competitors.

Be aggressive in marketing your business of selling domain names so that you acquire more customers each day.

There are people who work from home selling expired domain names and you can also do the same.

Don't fear that the business of selling domain names is too competitive for you to enter. I have seen people entering very competitive niche markets and some of them have excelled very well.

I'm not telling you to enter the business of selling domain names blindly but you should have a strategy that will enable you to penetrate this market.


5.) Selling Products on Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer that you can use to sell products in order to generate an income for yourself.

You'll work from home either selling your own products or other people's products (Amazon associates) on Amazon.

When you sell other people's product, they'll pay you a certain percentage of commission for every product you have successfully sold.

Through websites like Squidoo and Hubpages, you're able to sell other people's products on Amazon.

I have just given you a hint, go ahead and search for more information to know how you can sell products on Amazon successfully.

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