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Make extra income working for Elance.

Updated on September 20, 2012

Freelancing on Elance

A worldwide platform for employment online, Elance is where independent professional freelancers are hired by businesses with online tools for collaboration to assist the management of projects and teams online.

Using this platform, you will be able to connect with businesses and hire workers remotely with skills such as writing, graphic design and programming.

Professional freelancers are able to create portfolios and profiles online and submit propositions for work that interests them, managing both work and getting paid through the website.

Originally, Elance saw the need for virtual work for technologies after getting inspired by a nineteen ninety-eight article from the Harvard Business Review entitled The Dawn of the E- Lance Economy.

Based in the California city of Mountain View, the company was founded in nineteen ninety-nine but sold its business enterprise seven years later, with a focus on an online platform for work throughout its existence.

As of July of the year two thousand eleven, there have been more than five hundred thousand Elance contractors which are active, and which have earned over four hundred million dollars on the website.

The largest Elance work categories include Marketing, Creating and Information Technology that includes jobs for administrative talents, writers, developers and programmers, to name a few.

The online employment report is published by Elance as well, which is an update every quarter that makes an inclusion of a list of the overall one hundred top demanded skills of the moment.

Businesses are allowed by Elance to post projects and make an assessment of bidding providers on projects through reviewing their skill test scores, portfolios, ratings and qualifications.

Once a selection of the provider is made, employers can then manage projects and people. Users who are registered are able to submit up to ten proposals every month with no charge, with the options of doing submissions of even more proposals with membership plans which are paid.

When a quote by a user indicates either a fixed price or an hourly rate, the website includes a fee of service automatically, which totals 8.75 per cent.

After the client is billed by Elance, and gets paid for the work, there is a deduction of this fee and the rest goes to the account of the worker.

This way, Elance makes a guarantee of the payment process for both the fixed price and the hourly work.

Elance freelancers are allowed to make bids, do research on the various companies, search the website for potential jobs and work via a platform of cloud computing, where service payments are performed and are guaranteed if they work through the system of Elance.


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    • one2get2no profile image

      Philip Cooper 6 years ago from Olney

      Interesting Article..I might take a look at E-Lance.