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Working on oDesk?

Updated on June 27, 2013

Tips & Tricks


Good feedback, is a crucial part for being hired. Both side feedback, yours and the clients is an important thing as each client's (employer) feedback (from 1 to 5 star) will automatically generate your general rating from 1,00 to 5,00.

What is and how to become an "freelancer"?

- Freelancer is commonly used word for people that work from their homes, have certain expertise's, and work without any type of real-life obligation nor agreement toward employer.

- More and more, freelancers are standing up for themselves as many of platforms used for hiring freelancers, are being mediators for firms/companies or third-parties that employ people from "Third World countries" for less than 2$ per hour of work!

This is just an example, of what can freelancer be. There are several types of jobs posted for freelancers:

  1. Part-time (20 hrs or less per week)

  2. Full-time (30 - 40+ hrs per week)

  3. Fixed price ( client/employer gives the an defined budget for certain work that they are about do job (described in the "job post") for predefined time that are freelancers about to work and predefined budget for the job.

  4. Project-based work is one of the ways that contractors/freelancers are being paid for, with predefined money or budget that client can spend.

oDesk Freelancer Profile

Perfect profile is a profile that contains good results from already gone tests. Tests are free and they will certainly improve your chances for getting hired.

- As a freelancer, it is very important for you to have your skills verified. You verify your skills by taking the tests, regarding your expertises. The most important test, and first among all, is the "oDesk Readiness Test for..." (Independent Contractors/ Staffing Managers and Managers). So, there are two different types of oDesk Readiness Test - the one for Independent Contractors and the other one for Staffing Managers and Employers.

  • How am I classified at the oDesk?

First thing that you have to know, is that as an freelancer - worker that is "free" from being at certain place on exact time, under the Non - Dependent Agreement (NDA), which is an optional and sometimes a good thing,

You are always classified as a "CONTRACTOR" in every single NDA or statement that goes trough the oDesk. When you see word "contractor" - that means that particular sentence that you're seeing is applying to YOU!

Tips & Advice:

Please read the NDA, if offered, from the side of your employer. It is crucial to know that once you put your signature on the NDA you have agreed to all terms and conditions. For instance, your salary, bonuses, growth, and similar things should be quoted under the NDA. Oral agreement isn't valid or legit. Only, and only, verified and signed agreements are those that are legit.

  • Who or what is "client"? Am I client also? It really confuses me a lot!

Dear reader. This question is one of the most common one since I've became an experienced freelancer with an monthly income >1200$.

- So, the best answer on the question: who is and what is the "client" would be:

CLIENT, in the NDA or stated on oDesk job application or mentioned regarding the job on oDesk is the legal party that pays you for the work done.

So, when you see "CLIENT" it means that that person/entity is the one that has registered as the side that employs.

Tips and Advice:

Please make sure that client status is VERIFIED. Without having client status "verified" you have a strong possibility of getting no payment at all for your work. So always look for a green circle with the dollar symbol in it - which, when you hover on it, will show "VERIFIED" tool tip text.

Example of Good Freelancer Profile on oDesk

La Famillia @ oDesk
La Famillia @ oDesk | Source

*Tips & Tricks*

Nobody wants to have his worked not billed, or not being paid for. oDesk Payment Guarantee policy is something that makes work and contract on Odesk based on pay-per-hour/ using the oDesk Team Tracker (oDesk Team App) is being properly paid by the client.
10% additional fee on your hourly rate is something that makes oDesk insurance that CONTRACTOR will get paid from the CLIENT on right time by the Payment Week Schedule.

Earning, Experience and Profile

  • Earnings

Payment Schedule is something that is the "mirror" of oDeks's security policy that makes them the most realible; as this service comes with the "pay per hour" and they are the guarantee of every minute spent working and logging hours is payed out by the hourly rate.

  • When do I get paid?

You get paid on the Wednesday, at the third week of work for the first week. From that first Wednesday, there will be no any delays regarding payment, so your balance that you can withdraw with 4 methods is changed on 00.01AM UST . The above mentioned "Weekly Payment Schedule" is applied only when it comes to the most secure way of work contract - PAY PER HOUR/MINUTE.

That is indeed one thing that you have to pay attention on. The green dollar on the right/left side of the clients/employers profile shows:

- Has the client VERIFIED the way of paying the Independent Contractors - YOU

- How much has he spent trough the oDesk payments of contractors (workers)

- In what time zone is the Client

- And the least, but not the last important, is the name of the client.


Freelance work/ work from home as regular job?

Do you think that, freelance jobs, the work from home can replace the ordinary job and going into your desk/office every morning?

See results

The chances of getting the job by bidding is getting bigger and bigger by the number of test taken.

As we previously said, what is important is to double check the clients feedback's from the previous workers on different projects/ job positions as well as to take and make as much and better results on tests.

The good thing is that all TESTS ARE FREE! So, proving your knowledge as well as adding Withdrawal Methods at your "Wallet" tab are totally FREE!

Make your test results best looking, by finishing them before the deadline time (40min - 1h 30min) as well as to be in "Top 30%" of contractors / people that have taken the same test.

Also, don't make public test you fail! Of course, everyone can fail a test; especially the first - the one about "Readiness..."... Who is ready at the beginning, right? :)

There is a huge database of knowledge on oDesk, but the best way to find out everything is by your own experience! There is no school or knowledge base that can replace your own experience.

Bid, bid, bid and bid... Don't loose hope, ever- never! The same is for the tests. If you fail, try again in 14 days! Make sure that you learn some things and make that test better and better.
For starters some fundamental tests for starting some average payed jobs are:

Readiness Test for Independent Contractors
US English Test

Office 2007 (Office MS Pack in general)
US Verbal
and Written
Windows XP
Windows 7

Etiquette and

I wish you really good luck and I hope I've helped you a lot! There wasn't any guide when I was about to start nor friendly tips and tricks how to get the jobs and on which way.


Take all challenges, and tackle them. Never let disappointments ruin your ambitions and plans! Be though as there are millions just like you looking and struggling to get the same job or project.


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      How many of you, that are here and reading has an oDesk account?

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Thank you, I think its written great. I've read it myself couple of times, which I don't usually do with my Hubs, and this one is somehow... Smooth, have interesting topic, and it gives a lot informative descriptions trough very good way- from the point of IT illiterate Internet user.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      6 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Informative and helpful to any reader if interested in Working on oDesk?


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