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Come To the 2016 World's Longest Yard Sale--aka The 127 Corridor Sale

Updated on August 3, 2016

States of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama - 690 miles of Yard Sales!

Have you heard of the World's Longest Yard Sale? This is held the first Thursday through Sunday in August, every year. This year, 2014, it runs from August 4th through the 7th. It starts around Hudson, Michigan, and runs down U.S. 127 to Gadsen, Alabama. Mile after mile of yard sales--690 miles in all--you never know what you're going to find!

Some people travel long distances to visit this popular event, but others can just walk out their front door, and start shopping. It lasts for four days, and there are plenty of places to stop for the night, and then pick up the next day where you left off. I don't think, that even with four days, that you'll be able to cover the whole length of the yard sale, but what fun it would be to try!

You'll find people who are just selling items they no longer need, and you'll find professional vendors hawking their goods. From new items, to antiques--you'll find them all at the The 127 Corridor Sale. And who knows--you may find yourself on TV. Many television stations show up at the sale, including HGTV and programs like the Tonight Show! This sale has also been featured in many popular magazines such as Southern Living and Country Living.

One video of the World's Longest Yardsale

The largest welcome sign for my very small hometown, West Manchester, Ohio!
The largest welcome sign for my very small hometown, West Manchester, Ohio!

Miles to Search For Treasures at the World's Longest Yard Sale

This year, the sale begins around Hudson, Michigan, and ends at Gadsden, Alabama. Every year, this now-famous World's Longest Yard Sale get bigger--2010 was the first year that Michigan was added, and now, it continues even farther up into the state, making the whole route 690 miles long.

The five states are: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. You'll see many tourist sites along the way, which you can always check out while you're taking a break from shopping.

Or take a drive around one of the small villages like West Manchester, Ohio,.. Less than 500 people live there, so you can see what life in a small town is like, or if that doesn't appeal to you, you can visit the sites in one of the larger cities along the way, to see what it has to offer.

The miles and miles of sales are sure to satisfy even the most hardcore of yard sale shoppers. You're bound to find something you've been searching for, or even something you didn't even know you were looking for until you saw it!

The headquarters for this sale is in Jamestown, Tennessee, which is in Fentress County. You can stop by "Ye Old Jail", where their Chamber of Commerce is located and buy your own 127 Sale T-shirts or throws.

Don't miss it--now is the time to start planning for this year's "WORLD'S LONGEST YARDSALE"--you won't be disappointed!!!

Video of the 127 Yard Sale!

HGTV Appearance at the 127 Yard Sale...Short but So Funny!

HGTV will be filming the Yard Sale!

HGTV films "Endless Yard Sale" at the 127 Sale every year, where they follow pre-selected shoppers who contact them ahead of time for their chance to be on the show. This year, they will be taping between Chattanooga, Tn. and Jamestown, Ky. Be sure to keep an eye out for them while you're shopping!

Video from the 2012 World's Longest Yard Sale

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