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Would you want to be a millionaire or be where you are at now?

Updated on June 26, 2012

There is higher class people, middle class people and lower class people in our economy. We know that there is a difference between each class, and most of the time we can point the people out. But with the way that the economy is going, I think that each class has now changed.

How many of us have tried our luck in buying some lottery tickets, crossing our fingers hoping we would win? Most of the time we can start imagining what we would do with the money if were the lucky winners. Most of us would say we would pay off the bills, credit card debts and maybe pay off the house depending on how much one still owed of the house. However, luck is not always on our side.

This makes me think, does having much more money really make us happy? Sometimes it would depend on the person or the family. You see celebrities that make a lot of money and they seem to be happy, buying new cars, wearing the new clothes that come out and just showing what they can buy with money. Maybe in your city you notice the area that mainly the higher class people would live in, like where I live, closer up to the mountains there are big homes that only the wealthy people could really afford. All this brings one question to my mind, does having so much money make people happy for most of their life?

They say that money never buys true happiness and it is true. No matter how rich you can be, it will truly never make you happy. I have known families that have suddenly become wealthy and they are happy at first, but then they start to drift apart from each other because of they are not as united like they used to be before they became wealthy. This can be a sad situation for many families because money can separate families no matter how united you may have been at one time. But this does not always happen to every family.

Families that are not wealthy but yet are middle class or even lower class, may not have as much money like they would like to have but one thing that can be said is that they can be found to be more happy than those that make millions of dollars. They have not changed in so many ways, being in middle class or lower class may mean living check by check but we are happy just to be with the ones we love the most.

Being a millionaire can make many people happy, who knows maybe the first time but one thing that should not be done is to let the idea of being rich take over your life. Be yourself, the way you were before receiving so much money. If being happy means to not be rich or be a millionaire but you have to live check by check, of course it is always good to have the extra money, then you are rich in love and family and that is worth more then cash.


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    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 5 years ago from El Paso

      It is nice to live without debt.

    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 5 years ago from El Paso

      Thank you.

    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 5 years ago from El Paso

      Thank you for stopping by to read.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Good points and excellent question to think about. I would have no problem if someone gave me a million, but I can live quite nicely without it. I love my lifestyle now, minimalist and no debt.

    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 5 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      Good points to ponder. I would love to be a millionaire but I can see that money may not necessarily "buy" happiness.Good job!

    • Taleb80 profile image

      Taleb AlDris 5 years ago

      I find your hub beautiful.