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The Best Way For Retirees To Earn Passive Income Online

Updated on May 22, 2014


What do retired people do upon retirement? I found myself asking this question as my mind raced ahead of time to the time when I will retire from my regular job. Surely, I will be a retired person – retired from my job and career but not retired in life. Retirement is simply the beginning of another exciting chapter in life.

There are many jobs for retired people which retirees can keep themselves busy with to continue earning money. But most retired people would want to enjoy their remaining restful years, either living on their pension, investment, doing voluntary work from time to time or take up a hobby. Retired persons can also help the world and the coming generations by sharing their life experiences, knowledge and skills they gain in life through writing.

Retired Persons Can Earn Passive Income Writing Online

You do not need to do labour-intensive work for someone else in retirement. There are many ways of working for yourself to earn money and supplement your pension. You can find many work-from-home business ideas and money-making opportunities for retired people around you that you may want to consider and take up. You can turn your hobby into a money-making opportunity or if you are skilled in certain things, you can turn your skills into cash.

Making money in retirement by working online from home is an excellent way to earn money to supplement your pension. Most online jobs do not require a lot of money to start with. You can make money with no money at all working online from home. All you need is a computer with internet connection, the determination to work from home and earn money and perseverance. How to go about? You are never too old to learn and with your age and maturity, you can easily do it.


Retirees Writing Online Content also Helps the World

At 50 and over, you are a walking compendium of learned life skills, knowledge and experiences. These are skills, knowledge and experiences you acquired in your career, work, hobbies, general interests, specialist areas, youth life, marriage life, parenthood, relationships, interaction with others, education and many more. Why not share this with the rest of the world?

You can simply write about your expertise, interests and life experiences and publish online. The good thing is that you can make money from it to supplement your retirement pension or retirement income you are currently earning.

What you share can benefit the world! Isn't that amazing and a more satisfying thing to do than taking that knowledge, discovery, idea and skill with you to the graveyard, adding to the riches of the richest place on earth?

There are thousands of retired people who earn full time income writing online from the comfort of their homes. They do this with no or minimal cost and it is a great source of personal enrichment. What these retired people write about helps the world.


Self-Publish Your Writing at Hub Pages and Earn Money

Hub Pages is an online self-publishing writing platform where you can write about any topic of your interest and expertise. So how do you make money writing at HubPages? There are four ways you can make money writing online and publishing online content at HubPages.

1. HubPages Ad Program – when you publish hubs, HubPages shows relevant ads on your hubs in relevance to your content. Every time someone visits your hubs, your get paid for the impressions.

2. E-Bay Program – HubPages has e-bay capsules where you can display e-bay products and make money. More retirees are turning to ebay because it doesn't take a genius or rocket scientist to make money on online auctions. It does not even need special computer skills.

3. Google Adsense – In addition to HubPages own ad program, you can also sign up for google adsense and allow adsense ads on your hubs. You earn when visitors click on the ads on your hubs.

4. Amazon Associate – Amazon is the king of online retail. You can add amazon capsules in your hubs and make money when visitors purchase from your link on your hubs. This is also very easy to do.

HubPages has a great learning centre where you can learn all that you need to know about writing online at HubPages and making money writing online. The beauty of earning money writing on HubPages is that you own the articles or hubs and you can earn passive income from your once-only work.

In fact, I have found the retired people (men and women) at HubPages to be wonderful people who share great insights into life, their life experiences and they provide assistance and training (especially the teachers) for others. I think writing online is one of the best jobs retired people can do from the comfort of their home.

Joining HubPages and writing on HubPages is FREE. Sign up here for free and turn your thoughts into writing that earns you passive income in retirement.

Writing online is an excellent money making idea for retirees. Retired persons have 'experienced life' and what they share helps others other there and who are yet to come.

Copyright © 2013 Kejanny. All rights reserved.


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