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Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Updated on May 3, 2016

Freelance writing is a great way to make extra money and show off your creativity

The Internet is full of online freelance writing sites where writers can share their experiences with others who in turn pay them for their knowledge. These sites are usually referred to as 'how to' sites. Signing up for 'how to' sites can help writers get paid to do something they already love doing...writing about their interests. Writers can write about pretty much anything they choose on these 'how to' sites and earn cash in a few different ways...

  • First, the more articles a writer writes the more money he or she can make.
  • Second, the number of times an article is viewed helps the writer make more money.
  • Third, many 'how to' sites offer ads, by companies such as Google Adsense, that earn the writer a percentage of money earned from clicks of these ads.


Writing sites are great for freelance writers who want to earn money for doing something they love to do

However, there are a few drawbacks in depending on this money for income. Getting started as a freelance writer on 'how to' sites is easy and free. That's the best part. One downfall is that it can take a little time to build writing material and get enough views to start earning money. This means there is a decent amount of time needed to draw traffic to your writings to get them noticed. The more views you get on your articles, the more money you stand to make. Building this kind of traffic takes patience and perseverance.

On a lighter note, I've been writing for a few sites where I am actually making a decent amount of money each month. Even better news is that it didn't even take a year for me to start making this amount of money. All in all, I'd say, it has taken me only 10 months to make $150-$300 a month from just about each writing site I submit to (as keeps increasing the more I write). That isn't bad considering I can't write everyday because I have a full time job and am a single mother. So, if you have more time on your hands than I do, or find that you can make the time to write, you could probably be making a very good income in around 6 or 7 months. Again, this all depends on how much you can write and submit to each 'how to' site. Say, for instance, you are able to write at least 10 articles a day for even one site, you could probably be making a good amount of money in half the time that I have.


As stated earlier, each 'how to' freelance writing site is easy to sign up for and absolutely free

You can submit as many articles as you like a day (except with Bukisa who only allows 25 article submissions a day) and each article can be written on any topic you choose. It's best, however, to write about the things you are most knowledgeable about since you are teaching others either how to do something or giving information to educate them regarding a topic. Also, if you write about the things you know best, you'll be more comfortable to spouting out many articles at one time since you won't have to stop a lot and research your topic. Many of these online writing sites also allow you to duplicate articles that you have written elsewhere. This helps save a little time when trying to make money writing lots of articles at once.


Ideas for your articles can come from anywhere so always keep an open eye, ear, and mind

I actually keep a spreadsheet on my computer of article ideas. The spreadsheet is nearly 6 pages long. Each time I get an idea for an article, I write it down on a sheet of paper and record it later on the spreadsheet. When I'm having a tough time feeling inspired to write, I simply pull up the spreadsheet and find an article I feel like writing about. This keeps me going so that I don't have a huge lapse between the days I write. And it's amazing the things that strike you to write about as you go through your day. Brilliant ideas have come to me at work, while playing with my son, hanging with friends, and even driving in the car. So always be on the lookout for article ideas that can help you to make lots of money when submitting to online freelance writing sites.


An important note to discuss is getting your articles noticed

Keywords are vital to keeping articles alive and the views coming. The better your keywords the more recognition your writings will receive. Keywords are those words that people search for most often. They are the words that will bring your article to life when someone is searching for a topic you've written about. For example, if someone is searching for a way to get rid of a tattoo, and you write an article on how to hide, fade, or cover up a tattoo, chances are, that reader will stumble across your article if you put the right keywords into it. Also, keywords need to be used often in your article, but not so much that it messes with the flow of your writing. Use just enough keywords to bring your article up in the search engines, but not so much that it overpowers the article and makes it sound bland.


One last thing I would suggest when signing up for and submitting articles to online freelance writing sites...make a good 'about me' page

Your 'about me' page tells the world who you are as a writer and as a person. Many people choose whether or not they want to read your articles based on your 'about me' page. You'll also gain friends in your social network by having a good 'about me' page. Sometimes the more friends you make, the more money you can make as well. In your 'about me' page, tell the world why you love to write, what your hobbies are, what you do for a living, and what kind of education or experience you have that gives you the ability to write. The more detailed you are in your 'about me' page, the more readers you'll draw into your articles. And, of course, the more money you'll make.


Finally, here is the list of online freelance and 'how to' writing sites I make money with

Please feel free to check out all the writing sites listed below and sign up under the links if you wish. Also, you can add me as a friend or ask me questions on any of the online writing sites you are considering signing up under. I'd love to help others making money with freelance writing like I do! If we all help each other there's no way we can't exceed. Good luck to you!!

Hubages: Discover, Create, Connect

Blogger: Create Your Free Blog

Please keep me informed of how you're doing on these writing sites if you decide to sign up and make money. I'd love to hear of your prosperity. Maybe if we all share with each other, we can do great things online and with our creative writing skills.

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