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Hurry up! End of Winter "Yellow Tag Sale" at Marshalls and T.J.Maxx is on Right Now.

Updated on February 26, 2015
All of my 6 items from Marshall's
All of my 6 items from Marshall's | Source
A closer up picture of the price tags
A closer up picture of the price tags | Source
All the brands I love
All the brands I love | Source

Dear barganistas,

The yellow tag sale is up right now at Marshall's and T.J.Maxx. Hurry up and get that blouse, skirt, dress, and T-shirt at unbelievable low prices. I found these hard to pass deals at Marshalls on a Saturday in August:

  • DKNY dress - $7.00
  • Adriana Papell dress - $7.00
  • Michael Kors silky blouse - $5.00
  • 2 Ralph Loren polo shirts - $3.00/each
  • Kenar combed cotton shirt - $3.00

All together $28.00 for 6 branded items that I am in love with!

The end-of-winter sale is almost over so do not hesitate to check these two truly amazing stores. Everything that I got today I will be wearing either on my Caribbean vacation this winter or this summer.

How awesome is when good deals on clothing go with my taste and my wallet - what more can I ask for :-).


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