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You Can Retire

Updated on March 16, 2011


 Retiring before 65 is often seen as not attainable.  The reality is that you can retire very young if you lower your expenses and increase your income through side businesses.

Retire Young

 You can retire young if you establish this as your primary goal in life while building your income through several small businesses.

  Many people retire before 40 and many books have been written regarding there success.  Most of these books focus on reducing their expenses as low as possible while building up their income through businesses.

  The businesses are usually very small, sometimes bringing in as little as $50/month however with 20 of these small businesses you can walk away with over $1,000/month.  Once you have established these side businesses you can create more or build upon the businesses you already have.

  It is much easier to break away from the rat race when your not surrounded by people all jocking for the top spot at your job.  You will have the best boss in the world while having the potential to make the really big bucks should you choose or just sit back and relax.


 Reducing expenses and making your income through several small businesses can help you break out of the rat race while making a nice income.


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      Doug 7 years ago

      Great information. I retired by 36 and have the tips at