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You Either Want It Or You Don't

Updated on August 14, 2009

Making Money On The Internet

This is not Part 3 of my series on Backlinks. This is in responce to some of the other Hubs I have been reading recently regarding people wanting to make money on the internet. There are a lot of Bloggers on the Net that feel people generally don't want to have to put any effort in to trying to make money on the Internet.

Everyone has a lazy side to them and I don't care who gets offended by that remark. That doesn't mean people don't want to work. Most everyone works because we have to but in life there are choices and if I wasn't pointed in the right direction 5 years ago I'd still be a waiter in a restaurant dreaming of winning the Lottery.

Everything didn't start out great for me either. No one sat me down and said "if you follow these instructions exactly as I say you'll be making a very comfortable living from your house on your computer." I failed over and over and had to hear my Wife complain over and over that I was wasting my time.

Now thank God I have never been a person to take no for an answer. In fact if it wasn't for my Wife and her constant ridicule I probably would still be waiting tables. Something told me in my mind that I was going to shut her up and show her how wrong she really was. The best part of it all is I DID!!!!!

This isn't for everyone as I have learned. When I first started making money doing this it was like finding a lost gold mine. I figured I could show people the gold mine for a fee and make more money and that's when I found out not everyone has the same drive as I do and knowing a thing or two about working a computer doesn't hurt either.

Everyone I met either A.Hated their job B.Didn't have a job C.Didn't want a job or D. Was on Disability and was happy staying at home taking their meds and drinking beer. I always waited until they asked me what I did for a living and that's when I'd hit them with it.

"I work at home" was all I had to say. It was like I just said "Is this your bag of money I just found in the parking lot?" Everyone wanted to know how and I was happy to show them for a fee. I would either write out all the instructions for xxx amount of dollars or I would go to there house or they could come to mine and I would personally show them how.

That little experiment crashed and burned rather quickly. Handing out books with all the info or e-mailing it to people that paid for it was a hell of a lot better than showing people one on one. In this day and age it amazes me how many people have no idea how to work a computer so trying to work this system with little computer knowledge will not work.

You either have it or you don't. I'm not telling people to leave there jobs and jump in to this and please don't use this as something you can fall back on in case something happens with your real job. The best thing to do is keep the job you have and start doing this a little bit every day. Once you get everything in place and working correctly you'll be surprised how quickly you can get motivated once the money starts coming in. It's all up to you.


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