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You can Live on $200/Month

Updated on January 7, 2011


Living on $200/month is very possible but most people would not do it.  For the few that need to or want to live on less there is a way to do it.  It will definitely take commitment but the rewards are that your time is your own.  The rich man has everything but the most important thing: time, which you will now have.

Living on $200/month

Shelter and transportation are the most expensive items on a budget so you should first focus on these items.

1. Shelter - Live in a tent, live in a old bus, van, or car, build a tree house out of scrap wood, house sit for someone and get paid, Live in an abandoned house, rent a apartment with roomates or rent a room. $75/month

2. Transportation - Take the bus, train, or subway.  Ride a bike, walk, buy a cheap car to drive, get rides.-$50/month

3. Food - dumpster dive, pick wild food, work at a fast food job, etc.

4. Shower/hygiene/storage of clothes - Get a gym membership -$40/month, plus you will get in shape as well.

5. Mail - Rent a PO Box - $25/month

6. Communiction - Cell -$8/month(

7. Entertainment - Library(internet/books/dvd), Park


Living on $200/month is possible but there are some definite sacrifices you will need to make.  If money is not your goal in life but time is, then this lifestyle could help achieve that goal.


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