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Best ways to invest and grow your money fast

Updated on December 28, 2011

Savings and Investment

Everyone want their life a better life with all satisfactions, filled requirements,peaceful. The backbone for these terms related to money. You can say 'aah money is not everything', but there are something with money, you cannot reject it, both the money and this sentence. So Money should be with us for most of the requirements. So savings and investments are the two terms while talking about money growth. We should know the difference to make our money grow fast.



What is Saving?

Apart from a business man, most of the people would like to save money rather investing. What makes a difference between savings and investment. Let discuss here about savings and its features.

Savings can be made from us by alloting some amount of money from our income. The percentage may vary from person to person depends on their income, their family situations like medicine, expenses for family members for their food and living. So whatever the money we are saving will be in a savings account in a Bank. Say for example, if we want to save 10% of our income in a savings account every month, what will happen? The amount stands same for the next six months. You will get an interest for that amount. The interest is not a big amount. So for every six months, we will get an interest for the amount in the savings account. Here we have to assume that, we should not draw the amount in savings account.

For one month, we may put some amount in Bank or for some months we may not. It again depends on our family situation or commitment. So our money will be sitting in Bank account for idle. Whenever we want money, we can take and use it. Nothing big change is going to happen in our money. Just using our own and same amount money with very very little extra. So do you think it is a right and correct way of managing our money.

The one thing we should understand about money management. We should not work for money. Money should work for us. If we have some money, we should employ that money to grow more money. This is called money management. There the difference happens between saving and investment.

Why to invest and not to save

Savings are the process of having some money for our urgent task. If we met any unavoidable situation or emergency, we can use that savings amount. Otherwise, it is a big waste to save a huge money for idle purpose. Our money will just as same for many years. If you want to have a good amount of money, just earning a lot is not enough when you do not have sense of investing your money.

Start to learn about investment. It is well known that there are some risks involved when we invest our money. But if we think about risk all time, we cannot survive in this world. Risk is everywhere. We should take some steps to get research where to invest and how to invest. Just take some time for that and get guidance from others who are already in the process of investment. Just do not ask others or neighbours who are not at all engaged in investment. Because, when I got head ache I will go to doctor not to a electrician. What about you?

Investment - Know the difference

Investment is a term is used by many persons who got success in managing their money. As I said, Money should work for us, this will happen only if we invest our money. Then What is called investment?

Investment is a process of money making money. There are so many types of investment available. Share market, Mutual funds, Real estate are some of the few and famous investment methods. It is a process of whatever the interest yielded from the principal amount should again put for investment to grow our money in many times. For example, if we construct a house and give it for rent. You will get an rent amount every month. If you put that amount in a share market, when the share prices are high, you will get a high return.(talking about positive things). Even if you put your money in a bank for a deposit, you will get a interest amount every month or half yearly, put that interest amount in mutual fund. Your money will grow further. So without taking your interest amount, you can again invest your money to grow for many times.

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    • lucmaata profile image

      lucmaata 6 years ago from philippines

      U r welcome!

    • venki_indiain profile image

      Venkat 6 years ago from Chennai

      Well said Lucmaata, thanks. Awareness is necessary for all

    • lucmaata profile image

      lucmaata 6 years ago from philippines

      INVEST!!!! Money will not grow if you put it in a bank much more in a piggy bank... :-) But make sure it is a sound investment. Try stocks and mutual funds but I suggest, you get an adviser who is knowledgeable in this area. You will have a minimum of 12% growth per annum.....that is guaranteed!