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Your Complete Guide To Money Happiness Book Review

Updated on October 28, 2013

One of my goals is to read as many books on the subject of personal finance as I can. I then thought that everyone can benefit from the tips in these books, but may not have the time to read them, or know what to read. Yes there are a ton of book reviews out there, but I want to take a different spin, and not review the book, but condense the information and deliver the high points and best tips to those that could benefit from them.

So here is my first attempt! This book was given to me when I completed Some insurance training with a previous employer. The posts that follow will not be by chapter, but rather be when I come across information I feel is useful and worth passing on.


In The Introduction, Henry outlines some Important lessons he learned growing up.

Learn to Work Hard

There is no getting around it, if you want to succeed, and achieve your goals, you need to roll up your sleeves and get to it, every day, all the time. Forget get rich quick, forget luck, work hard and you will have your chances and succeed.

Discovering The Value of Things

This lesson ties in with the first. By working hard, you begin to truly appreciate the things you purchase with your hard work. When you see money as a tool, and stored labor, your appreciation for money and what you spend it on goes to a whole new level. if you decide, and I hope you do, to save for a purchase instead of using credit to purchase it, you will again value that purchase much more. When you had to sacrifice, and actually wait for something, it makes it all the more sweet once its yours. In today's society, we do not wait, we have been tricked into a "if you want it you can have it, and we will figure out how to pay for it later" mentality.

Confront Self-defeating Behaviors

Are you shy? Do you not prefer to speak in front of others? Get over it! Force yourself to do the things that make you uncomfortable if you know it is a skill you need to have in order to succeed.

Recognizing Real Motives

People will work much harder for a sense of purpose than for an amount of money. If you want to succeed, pursue purpose and passion over income, and you will always have the drive to press on.

Giving in to Ego

It is hard not to do, but try and avoid it. Do not take the highest paying job simply because it is the highest paying. Do not think you are entitled because of your education. Prove yourself, let your performance talk, and always stay hungry, when you start to look in the rear view mirror and admire where you have been, you begin to drift off the road.

Soft Assets and hard Debt

Yes some debt is deemed OK. Education, House are a couple, and there are maybe a few more. The point Henry makes is that if you are taking out debt for different assets, say a car, be careful. Debt is hard, it doesn't go anywhere, your assets on the other hand depreciate due to age, or value, such as the housing market or real estate. Be careful on what you go into debt for, and try to eliminate it as quickly as possible.

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