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Your Complete Guide To Money Happiness Book Review Pt. 2

Updated on March 27, 2014

Part 2. (Chapter 1, Your Complete Guide To Money Happiness by Henry S. Brock)

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Henry points out 5 of life’s most sought after and treasured commodities:

- Happiness

- Freedom

- Security

- Success

- Money

It's hard to argue with his list. If you pick something, anything, it can fit into one, if not more of these buckets. A hobby, a new job, a house, children or a vacation. It doesn't matter if the thing is a physical thing, an idea, a person, a title or a pass time, we pursue everything for one of the reasons listed above.

Henry emphasizes that his goal is to show the correlation of these 5 principles of motivation.

Henry then lists some principals to keep in mind when pursuing these 5 commodities.

- Make decisions by happiness criteria, not ego criteria. Most financial problems and in general unhappiness can be stemmed from decisions motivated by ego, the need to impress or to be in style. There is a need to feed our ego rather than engage in pursuits that make us happy. Reread this until it really sinks in, this is a very big realization but is the groundwork for everything to follow.

Why do you want that new car? What is so important about a bigger house? Are you making decisions based off of what others will think of you or on your desire to be happy?

- Focus on freedom. Happiness comes with freedom, not bondage. Make decisions that will either maintain or strive for freedom. Mainly, Henry is talking about debt, but more to follow. When you take out a loan, you are in a sense promising your future labor, and thus paychecks in part to that object. You are bound by the terms of the agreement. the sad part about this bondage is that it usually comes with the "privilege" of paying interest on top of the principle.

- Character counts. Without proper character that includes courage, honesty, gratitude, resilience, commitment, effort and trust, happiness will be very difficult to attain.

- Have a foundation built on security. Be prepared. Be ready for whatever life can throw at you. Generally, this includes self reliance, self control and service. This also means planning ahead. So many of us make decisions that temporarily make us happy, but in the long term leave us more vulnerable to life's twists and turns. There are a vast number of people, and families that make a good income, but due to their debts and obligations, are one medical visit, or new transmission away from financial hardship.

- Climb the right success ladder. It’s not a secret. Do what you love, focus on end results that have meaning to you not the unpleasant task that lead to the end, simplify to focus, synergy through interdependence. Give up something good today for something better tomorrow.

- Avoid poor thinking. Make opportunities rather than excuses, accept responsibility, be positive, seek mentors, find reasons to be glad, grateful and cheerful. Many people play the victim card, touting that it isn't their fault they are in their current situation. Well fine, now that it is settled, do something about it. Placing blame somewhere else is no excuse for inaction.

- Make your Dream a reality. Have a vision. Be goal oriented, and line it up with your purpose. Lastly, make your vision and purpose align, and make it habitual.

Now, as I write this, I noticed there was nothing about saving money in this article. Henry S. Brock did not unveil any secret system or tip to save thousands of dollars, yet I found this section significant enough to write an article as something to take from his book. The reason for this important piece is because:

How we earn, save, spend, grow and give money cannot be kept apart from other aspects of our life. Our feelings, thoughts and hopes all must play a role in our money. The emotional, psychological and even spiritual aspects must be integrated. This concept must be grasped before you can begin to apply any tip, or saving system, because if you do not believe in it, and it does not align with your vision and purpose, it will not last.

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