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Your Guide To Planning A Family Vacation

Updated on June 18, 2013
A Well Planned Family Vacation Can be A Great Experience For Your Family.
A Well Planned Family Vacation Can be A Great Experience For Your Family.

Your Guide To Planning A Family Vacation

You may find it difficult planning a family vacation but it doesn't have to be. Family vacations provide a great time for family bonding and you can create memories to last a lifetime. Just be sure to take your camera or camcorder with you so you can take a lot of photos of your family on vacation. And keep in mind that in order to have a memorable family vacation your going to have to do some careful planning.

1. You are going to want to start planning your family vacation trip well in advance of your trip. This is also a great time to involve your family members in the planning stage of your vacation. You can decide on your destination, how your going to get there and what your going to do once you get there. You can use Google and other search engines to research your vacation destination well. Take notes and plan what your going to do when you get there. Many states and some vacation destination towns and cities offer a vacation planning guide that you can order.

2. Make planning your family vacation fun. Maybe have a pizza party and while your all enjoying the pizza bring out your vacation planning materials and see if you can get your family interested in helping to plan your family vacation. Ask for suggestions from all your family members even the young ones. Ask what everyone wants to do on the up coming family vacation trip and plan your family vacation around these ideals.

3. As I said above let everyone have some input. If your going to a place where your family has gone before its likely that even the smaller children will have some ideals about what they want to see and do. If your going to a new location where your family has never been before find all the materials you can find about your vacation destination. Make a list of all the things to do in the area where you are going and explore the ideals fully. Are you working with a tight budget or can you splurge a bit on the vacation and really enjoy yourself.

4. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a family vacation and you really should check out family friendly vacation destinations. Myrtle Beach South Carolina and Charleston South Carolina are wonderful family vacation destination spots and in both locations you will be amazed at all the different things there are to do in the area. Call the tourist information office for the area you plan to visit and ask if there is a money saving coupon book available for that particular area. And be sure to check out package deals available in the area.

5. If you have a lot of small children in your family group you may want to consider going to a family resort in the area of your vacation destination so that the children will be able to stay busy. Be sure to check out the many wonderful Aquariums now available in many parts of the United States. Two wonderful ones are the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston South Carolina and the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

6. Keep in mind that there just maybe some wonderful vacation destinations near by that your over looking. People who live in Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina really should consider checking out the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Hatteras National Seashore. You can even go for a free Ferry Boat ride from Hatteras Island to Ocracoke Island and back and take your vehicle along with you. If you live east of the Mississippi River then the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Cherokee Indian Reservation, and Gatlinburg Tennessee are about thirty miles from each other and less than a days drive from your home. So why not plan a family vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains.

7. Be sure to check out family vacation package deals for the area your going to. You can call the tourist information office in the area where your going and see what is available in your destination location. Make a list and ask questions. A well researched vacation destination will be much more fun and you'll have some ideal of what is available for your family to do in the area.

Planning your family vacation will be really exciting to your children and if you involve the children in the planning they will really enjoy the trip. Also a well planned family vacation trip will go smoother and your family will enjoy their vacation. Be sure to ask important questions about your destination area. Find out what amusement parks are available in the area and are there discounts available for families. And be sure to ask about package deals that include everything.

If you have comments or questions about Planning A Family Vacation please post your comments below now. And thanks for reading my Hub Page on Family Vacations.

Feel free to post your Family Vacation Comments , Questions , Or Etc. Now. And thanks for reading.

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    • profile image

      Walter Tully 7 years ago

      Every month, my wife and I reserve one Sunday for a bonding session with the kids. We only go to parks here in Denver since we do the annual grand vacation outside of Colorado during the Holidays. Every time my wife and I plan, we do what you mentioned in #3: ask our kids what they want to do. After all, it's for them. Btw, thanks for the suggestions in #6!