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Your Pension plan

Updated on February 5, 2010

Your Pension plan


I have a company pension or should I say I’m in the company pension scheme which I get when I retire. I will get a lump sum and then so much per week. But it would be nice to perhaps top up my pension with something else as well.

Could writing on here Hubpages be your long-term pension plan? Perhaps adding to your company pension that you have, giving you a better retirement. Better retirement were you can do more and enjoy life more instead for worrying that you don’t have as much money as you did when you was working.

I know writing online earning money don’t happen overnight. You don’t start something new and expect to earn lots of money from just a few hubs. It just doesn’t happen, it will take time, and if you have then I’m doing it wrong. If you slowly add hubs over a period of time, building up the amount of hub you have, I guess the more you’ll earn.

How long will Hubpages continue for? As far as I know aware Hubpages as been here for the last 4 years, sorry if I’m wrong. How many more years will Hubpages continue to be here for, will it be 5 years, 10 years or more?

Long way to retirement

I’ve been here almost a month now and this is my 15th

Hub to date. I’m 45 and with 20 years to go to the UK pension retirement age. 65 is the retirement age in the UK at the moment however when I get to 65 it may well have gone up to 70.

If I added more hubs for the next 20 years, say 15 a month I will have 3600 hubs when I retire. I’m sure with having that many hubs I would be earning some money from these hubs. Now I did read somewhere, please forgive me as I did write it down, I just quickly saw it. 50 and get $1 a day and 5000 and get $100 a day. Now if I wrote 3600 Hubs in the next 20 years and got $1 for every 50 hubs a day that would give me $26,280 a year. Nice little pension plan I feel.

So I think Hubpages will become my long-term pension plan adding hubs overtime. I don’t have to rush and go mad, writing 10 or more a day or more. The amount will soon build up and I hope I would start see more money coming in.

May be when I come to retire I will have written more than 3600, but for now it seem a good number to go for. I just hope that Hubpages will continue to be online in 20 years and hopefully longer.

Looking forward to retiring now, but a long way to go and anything can happen

Take care and have fun.


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