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A few ways to make money online (Earn Passive Income)

Updated on March 14, 2012
Nothing to do with the article, but I really love this photo!
Nothing to do with the article, but I really love this photo! | Source

Here are a few ways to help boost your income, all without going out of pocket for hosting or advertising. Even ways where you don't need to know any html or web developer skills!

First way, you already know. That's Hubpages. Pair this with Google Adsense, and you're already making money! Now to make Hubpages viable, you need to backlink your article and get them out there to potential readers. A very simple and easy to do this is to use SocialMonkee. SocialMonkee will work for helping to backlink all of your content online, so SocialMonkee isn't just for Hubpage articles. The premise behind SocialMonkee is to 'spin' your HubPage submissions for you and then indexes those 'spun' HubPage articles on 25 bookmarking websites. This helps with pagerank on the search engines (all important for getting on Google).

Don't just stop at using Socialmonkee though. The new Google +1 button is going to be big in the future. Also, always submit to StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace (yes, still use Myspace!) Get your article out to as broad an audience as possible.

A second easy way to make income online, is submitting photos to This is more involved then just joining Hubpages though. iStock requires you to scan a valid ID , pass a simple multiple choice test and provide three samples of your work. The photos you submit have to be high quality and can't be simple point and click photos. However, even the worst photographers out there (with enough time and photos) can produce some remarkable and relevant photos.

The way iStock works is it gives a percentage of the income that is brought in when people purchase the right to use your photo. I work in the media field, and our production department uses iStock all the time to purchase photos. iStock is normally easier, has a great variety and is cheaper then staging photos ourselves in house. iStock takes time to build a portfolio, but can be a never ending stream of income (assuming your photos are relevant).

Another way to make income online, is using Amazon Affiliates. By signing up for Amazon Affiliates, you can not only write about products you like and use on Hubpages, but you can then spin those articles on SocialMonkee, to get more coverage of your article. Another suggested way to use Amazon Affiliates is to create a virtual store. Amazon will do this for you, and just follow the instructions. Make your Amazon store pretty niche and very specialized, and then use backlinks on related blogs, forums and websites (as well as using SocialMonkee) to get referrals to your virtual store. An example would be performance parts for Chevy's. Go to Chevy websites and forums and join the chat. Don't spam, but provide a link in your signature and be active in the community.

Ways I found don't produce income and generally annoy people is Kontera. I see people use it on HubPages, but Kontera's pay out is so low and takes so long to get to the threshold. Kontera also resets built up earnings if you don't hit targets, making it near impossible to earn any income off of this. Kontera also is pretty annoying to your readers. I think of Kontera as a way to irritate readers, while providing free advertising.

A great way to combine several of these methods would be to find a product on Amazon (through your affiliate account), write a review on HubPages and then spin the article on SocialMonkee. Here you're getting two potential sources of income, Google Adsense revenue, and Amazon Affiliates revenue. Do this enough, with quality articles and you're on your way to owning that sailboat you've always wanted!


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    • DowntroddenInDC profile image

      DowntroddenInDC 6 years ago from Houston, TX


      I use it nearly every day to index posts on here or on my blog. It's pretty easy to use and is truly free.

    • Frankly Baked profile image

      Frankly Baked 6 years ago

      hmm, never used socialmonkee before, any good feedback before I install it?

    • emmy1980 profile image

      emmy1980 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Cool! Thanks for the tips!