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In Order To Pay Back A Debt How Do You Calculate The Percentage For Repayment From Funds Available?

A sum of money is owed to several people. The amounts owed differ from individual to individual. The total sum owed exceeds the funds available for repayment. A structured method of payment is the solution. Every settlement has to be designed to pay back each individual from the available funds such that each creditor gets paid in terms of percentage of what is owed, the identical figure. Would you know how to calculate this percentage?


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kaiyan717 says

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5 years ago
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    quicksand 5 years ago

    I mean if Guido gets paid 87% of what is owed to him, Jose, Pierre and all those to whom money is owed also should get exactly 87% of what is owed to him. Is there a mathematical method of arriving at a figure? Thanks for responding. :)