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Do you believe that individual wealth in the USA is being destroyed by government policy?

Many of the world's greatest economists and investors have stated that the USA is on the same path as Greece and Spain. What do you think about the destruction that is currently happening? Is the worst yet to come or do you believe that the Administration is correct in saying that the USA is on the path of recovery? Are individuals really better off than we were in 2008? Is it really better to employ fewer individuals in the USA today than we did in 2008? Is it better to have more government policy leading to more debt? What do you think is necessary to restore the American Dream?


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kschang says

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4 years ago
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    taburkett 4 years ago

    commercial institutions are formed by individuals and groups to advance the economic venue. US government policies cost exceeds benefits due to discrimination created by them. all politicians use pork-spending to get reelected. Obama is one of those