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I need help for my insurance

Hi. I need some advice about getting a long term care insurance for my mom. She's currently 52 and I talked her into this a couple of months ago when her friend got a heart attack. I also talked to an agent about us, my mom and me, sharing her premiums so she can finish it as early as possible. At the moment, I am having a monthly income of $800 so I think that I can do just that. Is there however some other question/s that I have to ask even before availing one?

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Quilligrapher says

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3 years ago
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    Dennis Morriosn-Wesley II (Dennis Wesley) 3 years ago

    Also, if budget is an issue, have you looked into Short Term Care Insurance. As the name states it offers similar coverage for a shorter period of time, usually a year max. The premium cost is usually much less than long term care insurance.