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Who has read the book "rich dad,poor dad"?

What do you think of the ideas in this book? Has anyone started to follow? And if so, was it a good idea? If you haven't, why is that? As for me, I find the basics to be typical ways of the thrifty and future saver. And from what I observed, they end up wealthy or nearly. The other thing is, they are also careful about their money and never risk anything by putting all their eggs in one basket nor are they a borrower or regular lender.

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C L Mitchell says

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2 years ago
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    Ashley TKL (ginjill ashberry) 2 years ago

    To be honest, I applied that first basis and that is all from him. there is such things as too much is not good. Take the good advice and so thank you for answers, supposed 2attend 1 seminar of Kiyosaki

    but could not attend at last. Was couple wksba