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Stock and Futures Traders: "Trading to Win (S&P 500 Futures)" book worth?

I've "inherited" a 186+ page, comb-bound book "Trading to Win - A guide to Trading S&P 500 Futures Intra-day", 1st Ed. - Oct 2002, (C) 2003, by Bryce Gilmore of Helensvale, Queensland, Australia. The author discusses, as applied to trading S&P 500 futures, swing points, Fibonacci ratios, waves,retracement levels and targets, reversals, stops, trends, and more. A newer, greatly expanded edition, 2006, about 350 pages, is also available as an e-book. I have seen prices of US$250 and A$650. Neither edition is on Amazon, and no ISBN for the edition I have. Is the 2002 edition worth anything?


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