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I want to know my pension 6 cpc?

I am a invalidout 100% disable x gp sgt of IAF in April 2001 my bpension at the time of discharge was Rs.2463/- Disability 1550/- Constant attendant allc 600/- Rank- Sergeant Group- X whether i am eligible for pension as per TABLE-114 REVISED PENSION WITH EFFECT FROM 1.7.2009 IN RESPECT OF PRE-1.1.2006 DISCHARGED PBOR--Air Force Sergeant Gp 'X' (Diploma Holder) ( Discharged between 10.10.1997 and 31.12.2005 OR AS PER TABLE-111 WHAT SHALL BE MY PENSION FROM 1/1/06 5568/- OR 5790/- FROM 1/1/06 & 7206/- FROM 1/7/09 PLEASE HELP ME


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