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Anyone Can Make Money Online

Updated on February 18, 2016

Why do they make it sound so easy?

Making money online is easy. Drive traffic to a website or blog. Let the money find you.
Making money online is easy. Drive traffic to a website or blog. Let the money find you. | Source
No matter what type of service or product is being sold, traffic means money. Bring customers to you.
No matter what type of service or product is being sold, traffic means money. Bring customers to you. | Source

Internet business success at your fingertips through Amazon

Traffic is the key component to increasing income

Making money online is not as complicated as countless individuals make it out to be. Simply follow easy directions and drive traffic to your website or blog. There are tons of instructions and directives telling people how to make a fortune using the web. Not all of these reputable and tons take the opportunity to rip people off.

Beware of those promising a viral effect as easy as pie for your website. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. With this in mind there are some resources at your fingertips to use to drum up more traffic and increase online income.

One of the most important ways to get to the financial success needed is finding traffic for the cause. Web surfers are needed to increase readers, build an audience, sell goods and services and overall make money online. These are several ideas and innovative solutions to getting traffic to you.


Traffic is not failing or dwindling on the internet. In fact, there is more and more each day on the web. It appears to be slowing because of the amount of options offered. Competition is driving or pulling customers away. The key is finding specific traffic and driving it to your content.

Traffic is defined as readers searching through engines looking for information and finding it. Whether that info is a service, product or even knowledge let them find you. With so much competition today, finding an excellent way to put your best foot forward in the race is vital to success. These are only a few ways to see that occur.

1. Identify how to present content to readers

Make a decision on what particular type of content you would like to present to these readers. This is the material written or constructed by you and offered to search engines. Are you writing for article sites, blogs or other specific niches and kinds of writing falling outside of both of these two? Mull over several things when making the decision. Your comfort level and expertise characteristically is the driving force for what to choose.

This is information providing insider knowledge of the platforms to put your work to professional u use and make money online. Find out what the pros and cons of each of these while we define the most common venues for freelance income.


Writing for blogs is a precise type of presentation. The layout, appearance as well as the tone has its on certain quality. Blogs are generally areas of discussion along with offering knowledge in a specific subject.

Writers are more relaxed on these sites. These are much more casual than writing article content for a writing site or a customer’s request. The layout, pictures accompanying the literature as well as advertisement revenue sits differently depending blog.

Bloggers tend to create the own format. Several resources around the web help with this aspect of blogging. Income comes in the form of advertising revenue. Personal space is sold at a premium for big time blogging as well as sharing advertising revenue. Selling products with EBay, Chitika and Amazon are also seen as money makers for blogging.

Article site

Using article sites is lovely, but all writer text built is censored by the site. A certain format or layout is required for tons of these. Publishers working for the site review or assess the work and give a thumb up or thumb down for the material.

Advertising revenue is divided at a much smaller rate than blogging. EBay and Amazon are offered as advertisers with interest. Passive income varies depending on the site. This is certainly not a guaranteed payment, but nice to have something earning stable.

One of the best things about these sites is recruiting new members or the referral. When a referral or member comes into the flock via your membership, there is money to be made. A percentage of their earnings are given to you. Finding the right referral with a viral video or content is certain to make the money for you


Lots of people seek professional help from web designers to set these up. They have wonderful writers or freelancers setting up the ideal article or content to post, but the presentation needs a little boost. This is where the web designers earn their keep.

Once a reader lands on the site, keep him there and one resource is a great layout of material to catch the eye. Owners have even discovered site likes YouTube are a platform to be used with website owners for selling products and services.

Most website owners get income selling a service or product. Though countless also earn through subscriptions, sharing advertising revenue through several sources like Amazon or EBay. For an example, a website owner sells jams and jellies on the site. With each one sold, 100% of sale price goes in site owners pockets. He may also dabble with other sources of income through shared advertisement, but the big payback is promoting and getting customers to buy.

Major differences between blog, article site and website

Flexibility in material

More positive for the blog and website

There are countless blogs reflecting the ideals of the website owner. They are professional in their presentation while other platforms are not. They are more worried about sharing what wisdom they have and selling what they have to offer than anything else. This is owned by the blogger or business entrepreneur with the last word on what is seen and how.

Compared to blogging, article sites are much tougher on presentation and keeping everyone in line with how they want things done. Marketing research gives feedback on the best way to format and they are going for the jugular. A lot of the income received comes from commission on sales. They need to make certain a sale will happen.

For an example, a website has the capability to be laid out for one specific page advertising a product or service. Another website formatted like a blog contains multiple pages, various content and articles surrounding the niche. Most website owners are dedicated to selling a product or service, while blogs are intent on sharing knowledge and talking about it.

Writing sites are particular about info put up and published in their community. Writers focusing work on some taboo subject matters are certainly not welcome to publish such work. This is not possible through reputable writing sites. The community is clean and wholesome, but monitoring content. They tweak, turn and even refuse it. They have the right to.

Forum or support

More positive for the article writing site

One of the best advantages article sites have over blogs and websites is the ability to interact with other freelance professionals. These are community driven and participation is not mandatory, but most look into it. Relish in the discussions around the latest and greatest in the niche. Even knowing what others have been successful with is knowledge which shouldn’t be ignored.

Bloggers and website owners are on their own. They will interact with comments left by readers or customers, but never have the opportunity an article site gives with a forum. A number of them have Q and A sections as well.


Websites and blogs are the place to be for writing whatever comes to mind. Most blogs do have a niche which limits material to some extent, but there are millions of variations and articles to be written within one niche. They are also capable of being set up similar to a website for selling specific products or services.

A major drawback is most bloggers build their platform from a cookie cutter website which may or may not have what they need to visually entice the reader browsing through the area.

Website owners have the most freedom when it comes to creativity and substance. Whatever they have in mind is capable both visually and content wise.

Article sites have publishers making decisions on where and how work is done in their arena. The freedom is no longer there to a great extent.

Money to be made

Websites and blogs are two frontiers for advertising revenue with slight differences in sharing income. As a website owner the intent is to keep it all to you in profit. Most accomplish this successfully. Some share with commission. Overall more money, but more risk. No passive income to fall back on and only one advertiser are generally used.

With bloggers sharing multiple advertisers and earning passive income, they have more steady generation of funds. Article writing sites are mainly built for passive income earning through referrals and page views. Bloggers or article sites get lucky every once in a while selling big ticket items. For the most part the income is scraps compared to a successful entrepreneur with the right site, product and traffic coming his way.

Blogs invest in divided advertising revenue at a much higher percentage than website owners or article site writers. Bloggers share with Amazon, EBay, Chitika as well as private advertisers looking for web space. Tons of space is used for various advertisers. Unlike the website owner keeping profit from subscription or making a sale, bloggers share their revenue and earn a percentage of the total.

2. In order to drive traffic, you need to find out what traffic is searching for.

What are readers looking for? Setting up a great website with your esteemed product looking wonderful is ideal. Though if no one is looking for what you have to offer, you are dead in the water. Find out what they want and give it to them.

Google has an application, Google Keyword Tool, which permits you to establish what people are entering into their search engines for criteria. You can locate the search word by itself or the phrase if more than one word is being entered by uses Google’s tool.

This works for all three platforms. Using the tool formulate possible phrases fitting your circumstance. The blogger with niche is searching within a certain realm. Limited by what niche is chosen. Website owners do have the option of finding a new and different way to find the same thing. His one product or service limits him. Article writers generally have flexibility on what expertise or info is given on nearly anything. This is the one article writers win and jump ahead of the website owner and blogger.

Don’t ever look for one word. Nearly every reader using search engines puts in a phrase. These are found using resources like Google AdWords.

A great example of using this tool is found in website selling golf supplies. If you have a website that was created for golfing supplies, enter keywords (typically your tags for articles, ideas for articles or titles) into the Google keyword tool and find out what keywords or phrases are being returned with high frequency by Google searches. This information will be used to write your content or article.

You will get returns for your keywords that you entered, similar words, your words that are contained in certain phrases. Sort these according to whatever method you choose to make finding titles and content for your material easier. After you have located which keywords or phrases have the highest return, formulate your content title and material to fit. The result will be that more traffic is returned to your information when they use any search engine.

In conclusion

Marketing and running a business online is always hampered by gaining that traffic advantage. Losing readers because of more options to their query is a tough break. Putting resources and ingenuity to work to discover new ways of bringing customers to your page is what’s ahead for success. Get in there and get it done. Traffic increasing will certainly increase the bottom line for any web entrepreneur and make him more money with this online venture.

Do it the right way. Never use black hat techniques

Gaining the attention of customers and getting them to come your way is not always an easy task. Lots of people are enticed into using black hat techniques or those services or products which are not legal.

Not legal is defined by Google and other search engines controlling the readers and audience members you receive. Companies selling this type of poison are widespread and tell buyers how easy it is to get things started and money coming in. Avoid these folks at all cost.

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • docbruin profile image

      docbruin 6 years ago from USA

      Good information smcopywrite! These are great things for a new writer like myself to know! Thanks for writing this hub.

    • Tamarii2 profile image

      Tamarii2 6 years ago from NEW YORK

      I Needed to know this THANKS.

      Thanks for following.

    • Fluffy77 profile image

      Fluffy77 7 years ago from Enterprise, OR

      Thanks so much, and I agree with your good advise above about going over your hubs again. I plan to look more into your traffic advise here too, very soon. Voted up and useful.

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 7 years ago from all over the web

      a suggestion that i heard to make your articles/hubs better really stuck with me. go back and review older hubs and critique them. rewrite, reword or make needed changes to make your hub better. you can even add video or pics where you left some out. these are great ideas for making a hub better.

    • Harvey75 profile image

      Harvey75 7 years ago from Virginia Beach

      I try to use Adsense as often as I can. What I find surprising is how often I place keywords into a topic by accident. This can come from just talking about a subject and then later you learn how combinations you never thought of are helping to drive traffic to your site.

      It is better to do this on purpose but nice when it happens unexpectedly.

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 7 years ago from Escondido, CA

      I'm learning , , , now I understand keywords and I realize I need to think my articles through too! Thanks for the advice. remember to have fun, fun, fun

    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 7 years ago

      good information.


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