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Associate O Matic Templates

Updated on September 25, 2011

Using themes for your AOM storefront

If you're reading this, you're probably interested in making money on the Internet. One way to do this is to become an affiliate for a company like Amazon. Everybody loves shopping on Amazon, right? If you can send traffic to Amazon, they will give you a cut for doing so. But I'll bet you knew that already, right?

A fantastic way to draw traffic to Amazon is to use a program called Associate-O-Matic. You can create your own online store, fill it with Amazon products, and when people want to buy them, Amazon deals with all the messy details like checkout, shipping, refunds (if!), and so on. And they pay you for this!

Associate-O-Matic (or just 'AOM') has recently revamped their source code, which means instead of being able to do limited customization to a store, you can now go whole-hog and design or purchase a full template. If you've used WordPress, you know how cool that is! Just upload a zip file, click to install it and hey presto, your site looks and feels completely different.

Templates, man. They are awesome.

One of the first (and thus the best) sites to feature attractive themes at low cost is located at . It features a constantly growing list of template files you can buy and use to jazz up your AOM store.

Look how easy it is to install a template

So with the awesome power of templates, you can set up your own online store, then have a totally smoking layout in just a few clicks. Promote your site, get some quality backlinks, and the next thing you know, you might have a bit of income on the side. Could you be an Internet mogul? Who knows?

Take a look at some example themes below!

Make your voice heard! Except of course, this really isn't an audio poll. See, you click on an answer... well, you know what I mean, right?

Setting up my own Associate-O-Matic store sounds interesting

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