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Benefits To Creating Free Websites

Updated on April 15, 2013
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2013 Update

The more we experience the more knowledge we absorb. The more knowledge we absorb the more we understand.

In this update I want to share that I still use free platforms on the web to help expand and grow my Internet business. As I continue to become a seasoned article writer, blogger and website creator it confirms my original claim. It is possible to benefit financially using free resources available on the web.

Observers may question why I bought Domain Names to build websites. Well, it's simple to explain. I chose to buy a few Domain Names. Buying Domain Names, hosting and website builders in a combined package was a personal choice but NOT NECESSARY to build a successful Internet business. I still rely on and use dozens of free platforms to write online. Anyone who builds a free website has the same chance of getting indexed on page one of the Search Engines compared to a person who buys a Domain Name. If a person uses Keywords/Tags, Meta Tags, Meta Tag Description, a fitting Title, quality content, inbound and outbound links, Keyword linked images, and daily visitors and activity, the free website has the same chance of getting indexed to page one of the Search Engines.

I decided to post an update to simply share what I preached a long time ago still holds true. I felt sharing my experience would help motivate novice writers and help motivate veteran writers who may want to expand their online presence using free resources available on the web.

Free Does Work

What Free Website & Blog Internet Platforms Do You Use?

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Free Website Builders


Free Weebly Website Builder

November 2012 Update

On 3/18/10 I put together this hub speaking about the benefits of building free websites. I felt an update was due.

I still write articles at Revenue Sharing Websites, create blogs and create free websites but the difference with me now is that I know exactly what to do to get an article, blog or website indexed by a Search Engine. When I started to create free websites I went through the motions to learn more and continued to practice and that practice gave me experience and helped me become a better website builder.

Practice makes perfect and practice teaches the behind the scene tasks that need to be done to give an article, blog or website a fair chance of getting indexed to the Search Engines.

Anyway, I recorded a video to show you how to create a free website using Weebly. Weebly allows you to create two free websites. As time goes on I will add more videos to help you learn how to create more free websites using other free website builders. Enjoy the freebies.

Purchasing One Domain Name Was A Personal Choice - Not Necessary

How To Better Search Engine Optimization

What's The Benefit?

There are many benefits to creating free websites in addition to writing/creating Hubs.

If you're one of the many people who have joined Hubpages to generate revenue with the Google Adsense and Hubpage Program programs, creating free websites is a complementary way to direct traffic to your Hubs.

Complementary: Combining to form a whole or to improve each other .

I connect my Hubs to my free websites (I create) to make a whole. Whenever I receive traffic/visitors to my Hubs I have a links to my websites within (posted on) my Hubs. Whenever I receive traffic/visitors to my free websites I have a links to my Hubs within (posted on) my free websites. Why? The answer is simple. Using this technique is an effective way to increase Adsense and Hubpage revenue.

Many of you understand every time you create a new Hub you are creating a new web address/URL. The more web addresses/URLs you have floating out throughout the web the more of a chance you have to earn revenue. The more web addresses/URLs you create with new and original content the more web addresses/URLs you have to submit to search engines and at other revenue sharing websites. Revenue sharing websites do not allow you to submit the same URL. Revenue sharing websites only allow new and original content and that means never using the same web address/URL. Copy and paste content, even if it's yours, is not allowed. You can write about the same topic but create new and original content.

Another benefit to creating free websites similar to topics/subjects I write about here at Hubpages is that I can add banners to all of them. I write new and original content and I add banners to many of the free revenue sharing website I'm a member of and use. Adding images or banners linked to a relevant article you wrote does help with Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines crawl or spider your article, blog or websites content to find out what category they should be indexed in.

Being knowledgeable more than your visitors with the topic at hand, having a website of your own gives you more of a chance to recruit visitors. Creating and using free websites will help you look more professional. You can build/create a website with free website builders without purchasing a Domain. As long has you have a title which fits your contents topic/subject, keywords/tags and a website description you can submit your web address/URL to search engines.

I'm aware that many of you understand the more you write the more you can earn but wouldn't it be nice to recruit new members using your Affiliate links and earn more revenue from your referrals too? Of course over time you will recruit new members to Hubpages using your Hubs "Link To This Page" referral link but why not expand to increase your chances to recruit new referrals.

I felt this Hub would help teach you how to expand and continue to grow your Internet business. When I started building free websites to backlink my Hubs, I noticed an increase to the traffic my Hubs I want to teach people how to generate revenue for free using the Internet but I also want to receive some kind of compensation from all of my hard work. When I recruit new people and they start to write online just like I, in the long run I will earn extra revenue from their writings.


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    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 5 years ago from New York

      I'd thought I would post a comment to share with you that I updated this Hub and will continue to add tutorial videos to it to help you learn how to use different website builders to create a free website. Enjoy the freebies.

    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 5 years ago from California, United States of America

      This is good to know. I've been using a couple free sites and putting in backlinks. I was thinking it would be more advantageous to get my own domain and website, but was thinking that it would be a little more difficult to do, involve more work, so I was waiting to learn more before I jumped into that; so, it's good to know how much can be done with the free sites. Thanks much.

    • LDC2010 profile image

      LDC2010 7 years ago from Canada

      thats true. i am learning so much as well

    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

      Hi Mommy,

      Your so welcome. It took a long time to learn but it does work. On most of the free websites I create I promote Hubpages. Have a great night.


    • profile image

      stay_home_mommy3 7 years ago

      I'm learning so much reading your hubs! Thanks for the help :)