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Best Strategies for Purchasing and Selling Books

Updated on August 14, 2014

New books have to be purchased every new semester. At the end of semester you need to dispose-off these books. There are several options available when one has to purchase and dispose-off books. In todays economic instability we should learn how to get the most benefits from each product we possess or each product we sell. Its not that difficult just start thinking how many of books we purchase without any plan or need and how many books we dispose-off without thinking about other ways in which this disposal can make us earn some money. Why not think and act smartly and improve the standard of living.  

In this Hub I have listed 10 ways in which you can purchase inexpensive books and 10 ways in which you can dispose-off books that can be profitable for you and others too. These are my suggestions which I experienced and found profitable when you will read them you will also invent your own ways that will enable you to save some money.

From Readers Digest to text books every literature is available on old book shops at low rates.
From Readers Digest to text books every literature is available on old book shops at low rates.

Purchasing Books:

  1. Borrowing Books from Friends

    It is not always necessary to purchase book. If you need some text from a book you can borrow a book from one of your friend. Sometimes one has to make an assignment for which he/she needs a book. Buying that book will not be a good way rather ask from your friends or from your friend's friends and if they have that book borrow it from them.

  2. Issue from a Library

    Every college and university has a library otherwise their are also some public libraries in every city. Libraries carry huge amount of books on every subject. Some libraries also keep text books (especially in-campus libraries) one can easily issue books from libraries and keep them for the whole semester.

  3. Purchase Second-hand Books

    There can be numerous ways in which you can purchase second-hand books. They are quite inexpensive. With in your campus senior students can sell you their old books at low rates; from online e-shopping sites second-hand books can be purchased and from old book shops you can purchase old text books. There are other benefits than just low rates, old books might have some scribbling on them which can help you in understanding difficult concepts without any help.

  4. Make your own Notes

    As a student I always preferred to make my own notes rather than purchasing books. Making your own notes is profitable in many ways: when you write in your own handwriting or type it on computer you understand and remember it; it is inexpensive; you can collect literature from various sources and make unique notes and your knowledge base in the particular area increases. In higher studies journals, e-journals, literary websites and books give great resource to make notes.

  5. Check for Free e-books Download

    Some websites provide free book download facility. Check for these websites which carry books of your interest. E-books on marketing, computing, psychology and literature are easily available on internet.

  6. Photocopy Important Chapters from your Friend's Books

    Some books contain unique material regarding any subject of your interest such books are often expensive too. If one of your friend has that book photocopy important chapters which will be less expensive or else take some notes from that book.

  7. Get Membership of Inexpensive Websites (that provide good resource material)

    There are plenty of websites for each subject area and new researches related to that subject are posted on these websites every on and off. If you are a member of these websites you can get extra benefits like getting discount priced books, learning about new researches, asking questions that you need to clarify etc. Some of these websites are expensive other give membership on cheap rates.

  8. Look for Sale on Book Shops (promotional strategies of book shops)

    Book shops usually have promotional sale once a year. Some books are very cheap in sale and are otherwise very expensive.

  9. Get Memberships of Book Stores for Trade-offs

    Large book stores provide membership to their regular customers. There are many benefits of having membership, book stores introduce inexpensive schemes for their exclusive members.

  10. Get Membership of a Digital Library

    Last but certainly not least the best way for higher studies students to keep themselves abreast with the new developments and researches is to have membership of a digital library. A digital library as the name suggests stores the database in digital format on computers. Millions of books, magazines, journals and periodicals are stored in digital libraries. These can be accessed through member password on the computer that is within the network of that digital system.

    Most of the colleges and universities have their digital libraries. For students who are doing research digital library is a blessing as he/she can access any book or journal at any time and need not purchase it on expensive rates. If some book is not available it can be requested from the administrator and he/she will make his efforts to purchase it online. My university had a digital library and it granted open access at university PCs which enabled us to research new developments without paying for it.

Books may look good in shelves but if they are sold after being studied, they can make you earn some money.
Books may look good in shelves but if they are sold after being studied, they can make you earn some money.

Disposing-off Books:

Before writing about how to dispose-off your books one of my suggestion is that do not untidy your books during studies. Studies means reading from books, sometimes scribbling important notes on them and otherwise keeping them clean. Do not tear pages or fold them. You might get some CD along with the book like encyclopedias, marketing books, internet books and computing books have CDs too. Do proper care of these CDs. If your book looks new it will get more price when you will sell it and if it accompanies CD too it will get much better price.

There are many possible ways to sell books and its really fun selling books. Many students do this and make up several dollars each year. Just try at least any one of the following suggestions and see the results.

  1. Give your Old Books on Rent

    With in your campus there might be needy students who want to rent books as they can not afford to purchase those books. Giving your books on rent is easy just place an ad on the college main notice board that your books are available on rent for students. Write down the amount of rent , the title of books and the duration for which they can be taken on rent. You can also contact any website that take books on rent. This is a very useful way to earn money since book will remain yours and you will get some money too.

  2. Sell them to a Library

    My college librarian always appreciated students who sold unique books to the library. There are books that are very expensive and often limited in stock in the market, if you possess one such book and you no more need to study it sell it to a library. When you sell it to a library you still can go there and can read it or issue it so its not completely gone out of your hands but you will earn money by selling it.

  3. Sell them to an Old-Book Shop

    Old-book shops too readily take any book that you might want to sell. From classics to text books any book can be sold to old-book shops. Usually they give half price for the book but it also depends on the condition in which you are selling it. The best time to sell your books to old book shops is few weeks before the new semester begins. More customers come during this time.

  4. Sell them to an Online-Shopping Site

    Amazon eBay and other e-shops purchase second-hand books from people around the world. They sell it on low rates on their site. You can sell your book on these sites. Compare prices of old-book shops with e-shops to check for the profit.

    Best Websites to Sell Books

    • Amazon is the number one buying and selling site on internet and it is very easy to sell your books there. You just need to have an email address through which you can log in to Amazon and sell your books. You can also place their books on your websites to advertise them and become Amazon's affiliate. To sell books on Amazon click on this link and you will be guided to start selling books.
    • eBay too is giving tough competition to Amazon and today many students prefer to sell on eBay because its fast to sell there and you get results readily. is a brainchild of eBay and it basically sells and purchases books so its better if you want to sell it urgently. The main goods in which deals are books so it is much easy to sell it there. To sell your books just log in to this link and click on the tab Sell My Stuff and you will be guided on which category you want to sell. As you want to sell books so click on books and you will have to enter the ISBN number of the book you want to sell and can sell it here.
    • is also purchasing books from customers and it is also the similar process you have to give the ISBN number and sell the book.

    Than there are some sites that solely purchase textbooks from college students and they also sell books on cheap rates.

    • Student Listings: They purchase second-hand books and sell them too. Again like on Amazon and eBay you have to provide the ISBN of the book and selling is easy ans step-by-step.
    • Textbook Wheel: Here you need to provide your book's ISBN number and check their price for your book, select your payment method and ship your books to them.
    • Valore Books: This is also student's text book market place and here you can sell your books and get some money. If you want to sell more than one book separate their ISBN numbers by comma.
  5. Sell them to Junior Students

    Rather than giving on rent you can completely sell it to the junior students. Sometimes the course in one semester changes completely in the other semester and you no longer need to have previous books so you can sell them to students who need them.

  6. Make Notes from Books and Sell them

    In vacations when you have enough time to do something apart from usual studies, you can give some time to making notes from your old books and can sell them to book shops. If book shops do not purchase these notes simply sell them to your college cafeteria or just place them there and advertise them in possible ways. Junior students will definitely come to purchase those notes as there is always competition between students on getting more and better notes for studies.

  7. Make Articles and Publish on Internet

    If you own a website you can get some ideas and guidelines on what to write and how to write it. Suppose you write on HubPages you can make use of these books by studying them and getting ideas about the topics and writing professionally.

  8. Keep Important Books for Future Assistance

    It is not always necessary to sell each and every old book. Some books are very useful in general and can give you guidance any time. Those books should not be sold as once sold you might need them again and purchasing them again will be a loss. Some books that contain basic concepts or ideas will help you throughout your student career therefore do not sell them.

  9. Links to Books on Amazon and eBay

    There is a useful and really easy way to earn money, even if you do not possess a book you can sell books. Most of us know it, if you have a website you can place codes of books on Amazon and eBay on your website when people will click on these links you will get commissions from Amazon for advertising their product. You do not actually possess the book but you are sending people from your website to Amazon and eBay and getting money so this is really fun and easy too. Amazon and eBay also provide guidelines on how to link books to your website and how to increase the likelihood of selling these books.

  10. Start your own Home-based Old-books Store

    Many people are making their living from this business, they purchase books from old-book shops in bulk (at cheap rates) and sell them at their homes.

    Good luck!


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