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When is Black Friday 2011 & What is Black Friday

Updated on November 10, 2011
Black Friday
Black Friday

When is Black Friday 2011

First of all Exactly when is Black Friday? The date of Black Friday 2011 is on Friday November 25th 2011. Black Friday is always held on the Friday after Thanksgiving at the end of November, since the date of The Thanksgiving celebration varies from year to year, the date of Black Friday also varies.

The times at which various stores open on Black Friday can vary from one location to another, however for most franchises the opening hours will be identical. This makes planning to shop on Black Friday much easier for customers.

Black Friday Online vs in Stores

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What is Black Friday ?

The day that is refered to as Black Friday is the Friday (in the US) that comes after Thanksgiving and has become famous for the biggest annual store discounts throughout the US. It has become an annual tradition for many and it is common for crowds to gather for hours before the opening of the stores with some even camping outside the major stores in the hopes of beating the crowds and snatching up the best Black Friday Sales offers before the often limited stocks are exhausted. Recently Canada has started offering Black Friday Deals whereas in the past boxing day was viewed as Canada's Black Friday equivalent.

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday?

The popular theory of the term Black Friday is that it originates from stores operating in "the red" (without a profit) throughout the year until this annual discount shopping day in which enough sales would have been made to produce a profit (to be in "the black").

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