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Black Friday Specials 2011

Updated on November 19, 2011

Black Friday 2011

Are you looking for details of Black Friday Specials 2011? If so you can find everything you need to know right here so that you can nab the best bargains this Black Friday.

Black Friday is a one of the busiest Christmas shopping days in the year with everyone scrambling to get the best deal possible. In 2011 Black Friday falls on Friday the 25th November. There are lots of special offers at Target, Walmart and most of Americas other major stores to celebrate the occasion. Amazon also have a Black Friday special where many electronic products will be heavily discounted. As a result Black Friday and indeed Cyber Monday are the best days to get your Christmas shopping.

This page will provide Black Friday Specials for 2011 and price comparisons with Amazon and eBay so that you can buy your Christmas presents for less.

Black Friday Specials on TVs 2011

One product that is always heavily discounted on Black Friday is the TV. Indeed 3d TVs are one of the most popular Black Friday specials. Target, Walmart and Best Buy are the main sellers of 3D TVs on Black Friday with many shoppers browsing their sales ads weeks in advance to help them find the best bargain. The good news is that online shoppers can also enjoy the same bargains on 3D TVs at Amazon and eBay as these sites try to price match with the offline retailers.

There are a number of great Black Friday deals on 3D TVs on Amazon and these are featured to the right.

The first TV featured is the Toshiba 46 inch 3D LED Black TV which is available for less than $900. This is over two-thirds of RRP! You do not have to sacrifice on quality with this TV and many that have purchased this 3D TV have given it a high rating; it currently has 4/5 stars on Amazon after over 260 reviews.

The second TV featured is the Samsung 55 inch 3D LED TV which is available for less than $1800. This is almost half of its RRP which is well over $3000.

Black Friday Specials Tools 2011

Tools make a great Christmas gift for men, so if you are hoping for some cheap men's tools look no further, as Black Friday sees lots of specials.

The Makita three piece combo set is available for under half price and has a rating of 4.6/5 on Amazon. It includes compact and versatile 1/2-Inch Driver-drill, as well as a powerful impact driver that weighs just 2.8 pounds. The kit also includes a rechargeable flashlight. It is the 99th best selling product in home improvement and the top selling combo kit in home improvement. It has 180 reviews of which 142 are 5 star.

Black Friday Specials 2011 on Toys

There are lots of Black Friday specials and deals on toys and games this year. So if you have been saving up to buy your kids Christmas pressies Black Friday is the best time to start (and finish).

There are lots of toys with at least 40-50% off.

Cheap toys on Amazon Black Friday 2011

Do you do alot of shopping on Black Friday

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