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Business Card Scanner - Easy to Use Business Card Scanners and Readers for Smart Phone Scanning and More!

Updated on August 30, 2011

Business Card Scanners - Business Card Readers and Scanners

Once upon a time it was almost impossible to keep track of contacts through the jumble of business cards upon one's desk.

Cards would get lost or stuck in odd places in desks or drawers. Even if the cards were put in a Rolodex or book, it was still almost impossible to find the contact you were looking for easily. It was even more frustrating if a card was needed in a hurry.

Luckily however, thanks to business card scanners and business card readers, you can now find the business card you are looking for within seconds. Not only that, but you do not even have to leave your computer to do so. Some of these great scanners even give you the ability to download the information to a smart phone so you really have the information anytime you need it!

Another great benefit is that you can choose to sort business cards in whatever way best suits your personal needs. You can find someone by name, title, or company. You can add notations, scan double-sided cards easily...It even reads cards in different languages!

Just imagine the pleasure of coming back from a large meeting or business seminar and having all of the business cards you just collected scanned in minutes!

Most of the business card scanners listed below work with software that you already use on a daily basis making the process even easier. Some of readers will even scan baseball cards, sports cards or personal photos.

Read on to find out more about the most popular Business Card Scanners and Business Care Readers on the market today and what each machine is capable of.

Penpower WorldCardColor Color Business Card Scanner

This is one of Amazon's best selling business card scanners. It allows you to digitally preserve and sort your professional and personal contacts to suit your specific needs.

One of the great benefits of this card readers is its ability to preserve color images on business cards, because not only can it be used for business cards but it can also scan 4-by-6-inch color photos or sports cards. A great item for collectors!

Once your business cards have been scanned, this Penpowers' scanner enables you to import, export, and synchronize your personal and professional data with all major personal organization software and smart phones.

You'll be able to easily scan double-sided business cards and images into a single business card entry and there is a full text advanced search feature quickly locates or sorts the contacts you need.

Another unique function is the multiple language recognition feature which allows you to keep your international contacts organized. The Unicode design easily displays multi-lingual business cards without error.

This business card scanner has up to 65,535 sub-categories to provide you with the flexibility to organize contacts according to your personal preferences.

It is compact (6.5" x 2.5" x 1.8") and lets you directly scan contact information into Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Contacts and ACT! without even having to launch the Worldcard software.

Once your have scanned your cards, you can simply drag and drop them into documents or email. This scanner also comes with a variety of print templates and formats for printing, and can help you design your own templates.

The whole package includes the Color Business Card Scanner, USB Cable, WorldCard Software CD, a User's Manual, a Calibration Card, and a Registration Card.

CardScan Executive Business Card Scanner - Business Card Reader

This is another popular Business Card Scanner.

It is designed for the power user and those with more advanced contact management needs,

This CardScan Executive allows you to scan, import and drag and drop contacts so you can manage them with ease.

You can synchronize your data with Outlook, Lotus Notes, Goldmine,  ACT!*, Palm and Windows Mobile devices.

Perfect for batch scanning a whole trade show’s worth of cards!

While this scanner also has color capabilities, one of it's biggest benefits is the email feature.

Simply highlight the contact information in an email signature, web page or other text file and easily drag it over to the CardScan software. The software will instantly place the information into the correct fields. What a great way to ensure you never lose your contact information again!

As of this writing, CardScan is also the only leading business card reader with online back-up, web access and an updating service. They keep your data safe so you can access it at anytime.

Iris Pro 4 Business Card Scanner - Business Card Reader

This little scanner is known for its easy portability and speed.

it is compact (6.1" x 1.9" x 1.3" ) lightweight, but most importantly, can scan up to 600 cards in an hour!

The perfect item for seminars and business trips. You can have all of your contacts scanned before you even leave your hotel.

It will scan both the front and the back of each card as well as your contact photo. It works with the most popular contact managers such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Address Book, Entourage, and more!  it will even let you quickly and easily export the date into Excel to organize mail merges, search and sort your contacts,

Another benefit is its ability to capture information from 217 countries world wide (including the Asian countries of Japan, Korea, P.R. China (Simplified Chinese) and Taiwan (Traditional Chinese)) making it perfect for international travel.

Included in this package is: IRISCard Pro 4 business card scanner, 52-inch USB cord, software CD-ROM, and quick start guide.

Brother DSMobile Scanner

Lastly is this awesome mobile color business card scanner. This is perfect for both personal and professional use.

It not only scans business cards but can also scan documents up to 8.5” x 14”. This gives you the capability to scan business documents, receipts, handwritten notes, news articles, bills, school papers, photos and more!

It is the perfect item to help you eliminate all of that extra paper around your home or office!

It hooks right up to your computer via the USB cable so you do not need a separate power supply and it easily scans all of your information directly to the computer with ease.

Easily fits on a counter, desk or can be slipped into a laptop bag for use on the go.

It allows you to quickly scan and save images and documents in Adobe Acrobat, JPEG and TIFF file formats.


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